The Freshwater Frontier

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) are making waves – the kind that advance solutions to freshwater challenges, such as access, purification and regulation.

[Photo] - Milwaukee Skyline

Working with regional government and area business and industries, UWM and its graduate School of Freshwater Sciences are dedicated to understanding water issues through science and providing a national center for discovery, protection, education and workforce development.

UWM also operates the Great Lakes WATER Institute, the largest aquatic research center on the North American Great Lakes, which has supplied the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the state Department of Natural Resources with critical data on the health of Lake Michigan for nearly 40 years.

[Photo] - Julia Taylor “The Milwaukee Water Council brings together the education, research, corporate and university partnerships to make great things happen in water technology. The Milwaukee region is leveraging its unique combination of assets and position on the world’s largest source of fresh water to truly become the World Water Hub and lead the way for the future.”
Julia Taylor
President / Greater Milwaukee Committee, Milwaukee Water Council
[Photo] - J. Val Klump “Now more than ever, we need science to understand water-borne threats to human health and the lake’s surprisingly fragile ecosystem. But we also have to address sound management, and protection, restoration and remediation strategies that are both effective and cost-efficient.”
J. Val Klump
Director / Senior Scientist, UWM Great Lakes WATER Institute
[Photo] - Sammis White “Milwaukee has an excellent start as a water technology center. But more and more competitors are seeing water as we do. Unless we can move things speedily forward, we will lose our slight advantage. We need significant investment in R&D in the next few years.”
Sammis White
Associate Dean, UWM School of Continuing Education & Director, Center for Workforce Development