Research pursued at the Water Equipment and Policy Research Center focuses on Sensors, Systems, Materials, and the Policies that drive the water industry. World renown faculty at UW-Milwaukee and Marquette Universities lead research teams toward breakthroughs that member companies can use to create innovative new products and important competitive advantages.  Below is a list of faculty members and their areas of research.

  • Sensors              ♦
  • Systems             S
  • Materials          M
  • Water Policy     P

                M           Nidal Abu Zahara, Ph.D. UW-Milwaukee

♦                             Florian Bender, Ph.D. Marquette University

        S                     Harvey Bootsma, Ph.D. UW-Milwaukee

        S                     Hector Bravo, Ph.D. UW-Milwaukee

♦      S                     Junhong Chen, Ph.D. UW-Milwaukee

      S                     Tim Grundl , Ph.D. UW-Milwaukee

        S                      Jeanne Hossenlopp, Ph.D. Marquette University

        S                     Zhen He, Ph.D. UW-Milwaukee

♦                             Fabien Josse, Ph.D.  Marquette University
♦                             Chung Hoon Lee, Ph.D. Marquette University

        S                     Jin Li, Ph.D. UW-Milwaukee

                 M           Ying Li, Ph.D. UW-Milwaukee

                 M           Michael Nosonovsky, Ph.D. UW-Milwaukee

                 M           Pradeep Rohatgi, Ph.D. UW-Milwaukee

                                Jame Schaefer, Ph.D. Marquette University

                  S           Michael Switzenbaum, Ph.D. Marquette University

                                Chieu Tran, Ph.D. Marquette University

                         P    Sammis White, Ph.D UW-Milwaukee

         S                     Dan Zitomer, Ph.D. Marquette University