Chieu Tran

Chieu Tran, Ph.D.

Marquette University

Research in laboratories of Dr. Chieu Tran, Pfletschinger-Habermann Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Marquette University, involves the development and applications of novel spectroscopy and imaging instruments and methods for fundamental studies in analytical chemistry and material science. The overall objective of these studies is to gain insight into complex chemical and biochemical systems and processes as well as to develop novel high performance materials and chemical and biosensors.

Selected ongoing projects include: 

  1. Synergistically combining spectroscopy and imaging to develop novel near-infrared multispectral imaging (NIR-MSI) instrument and microscope which can rapidly, sensitively and noninvasively detect and identify trace chemical and biochemical species in water, solutions and solids with high spectral and spatial resolution.
  2. Developing novel, green and totally recyclable method to synthesize nontoxic and biocompatible ecocomposite materials from the most abundant biorenewable materials on earth (cellulose and carbohydrates), and exploring the use of these composite materials for removal of pollutants and delivery of drugs. 

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