Chung Hoon Lee

Chung Hoon Lee Ph.D 

Marquette University

Chung Hoon Lee operates Nanoscale Devices Laboratory at Marquette University. The Nanoscale devices laboratory is a facility for research on micro/nano scale devices, including:
Micro-DSC: design, develop, and characterization of micromachined differential scanning calorimeter for bio/chemical molecules in applications of temperature reference, rapid DNA detection, Drug discovery, and bio/chemical sensors.
  • SiNWs: wafer-scale integration of silicon and silicon germanium Nanowires, electrical and thermal analysis.
  • Tip-based Nanofab: developing micromachined bow-tie antenna for local optical field enhancements to controlled nanowire array growth.
  • Molecular electronics: Design and fabrication of multi-nanogap electrodes as a platform for single molecule electronics. Electrical and thermal measurement of single molecule and analysis.
  • AFM/SPM probes: Multi-functional AFM/SPM probe development and characterization.
His team is working on a portable micro-DSC system for real-time water quality monitoring by detecting bio/chemical molecules in water. The micromachined calorimeters have advantages over macroscale calorimeters because they use smaller liquid volumes resulting in smaller thermal mass and faster operation (real-time), and can be built in arrays to provide parallel operation. His current research is supported by DARPA, NSF, Air Force, and a private company. He has 6 U.S. patents and one of them has been licensed to a company.   For more information access the link below.