Fabien Josse

Fabien Josse Ph.D.

Marquette University

Dr. Fabien Josse is the director of the Microsensors Research Lab. His research focuses on solid state and acoustic wave device sensors, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) devices (microcantilevers) for liquid-phase chemical and biochemical sensor applications, investigation of novel chemical and biochemical sensor platforms, and smart sensor systems. The work places equal emphasis on the following three areas:
  1. The development and modeling of new sensor technologies (platforms), and expanding the lab’s existing strength in piezoelectric sensors, RF-based sensors and microcantilevers to include other solid state, Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMs) and nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMs) sensors.
  2. The analysis of sensor signals by continuing to exploit use of novel signal processing and non-linear estimation theory to allow the extraction of clean, consistent features from noisy, contaminated sensor responses for reproducibility, high probability of detection and low failure rate, and
  3. Sensor system integration, particularly through the implementation of sensor system arrays – both homogeneous and heterogeneous arrays.
Ongoing research activities in Dr. Josse’s lab also include the design and optimization of materials with physico-chemical properties to enable effective interaction with target analytes and the investigation of novel signal processing based on state-space methodology and non-linear estimation theory to extract transient sensor response information.  For more information, access the link below: