Florian Bender Ph.D.

Marquette University

Dr. Bender has worked with various types of sensor devices for operation in liquid or gas environment. His major focus is on detection of chemical as well as biochemical analytes in aqueous environment for applications such as groundwater monitoring and biosensing involving antibodies or DNA. He developed sensor coatings which increase the degree of selectivity for a given analyte in mixed samples, and he designed combined sensor systems and developed sensor arrays to identify a given analyte by means of pattern recognition. His current fields of research include detection of chemical contaminants in groundwater using acoustic sensor devices, and the design of an acoustic sensor array for the detection of viruses in wastewater.  Dr. Bender works with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Marquette University, in the Microsensors Research Laboratory of Dr. Fabien J. Josse. For more information access the link below.