Zhen He Ph.D 


 Dr. Zhen He is a professor at the Civil Engineering and Mechanics

Zhen He operates UWM’s Environmental Biotechnology and Bioenergy lab. His research is focued on developing a fundamental understanding of the microbial process in engineered systems designed for bioenergy production with the overarching goal to improve bioreactor performance. His work includes but is not limit to: development of environmental biotechnology for wastewater treatment, bioenergy production using microbial fuel cells, bioremediation using bio-electrochemical techniques and the understanding of those and other environmental biological processes.

His team helped to develop a microbial fuel cell that continuously generates electricity while purifying industrial waste water. It operates with the help of colonies of bacteria which feed on the organic material in waste water. Forming a biofilm on an electrode, the microbes release electrons as they feed. Now his lab is improving the technology and increasing the amount of power it can generate so it can have industrial applications. For more information access the link below.