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Pentair manufactures a broad range of products and systems used worldwide in the movement, treatment, storage and enjoyment of water. It became a founding member of the WEP Research Center to transfer breakthrough research to the products of its many businesses.

  • The Residential Flow Global Business Unit is a leading provider of residential water pumps, irrigation and crop spray equipment, and marine and specialty pumps and accessories.
  • The Residential Filtration Global Business Unit provides clean, safe, refreshing water to families around the world by using innovative, environmentally-focused, and energy-saving technologies and solutions.
  • The Filtration Solutions Global Business Unit is a leading component and equipment provider in the global marketplace for treating air, gas, water and other fluids and water and fluid filtration and separation.
  • The Engineered Flow Global Business Unit is a global leader in mid-to-large fluid management products and applications. The business delivers a range of products from the world’s largest flood control pumps to sophisticated fire and HVAC pumps and products in the municipal, industrial, and commercial markets.
  • The Water Pool and Spa® Global Business Unit is a global leader in swimming pool and spa and aquatic equipment, providing high performance, reliable and energy-efficient filters, controls, sanitizers, pumps, heaters, cleaners, and accessory products for residential and commercial pool owners and operators.

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