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So when you trade A man for THE man, you still got somebody telling you how to live your life.

— Johnnie Tillmon
The Women's Resource Center (WRC) is all about students! Supported by segregated fees and the Student Association, the WRC enriches the UWM campus environment through education, support and advocacy, and is committed to working in a nonjudgmental, culturally sensitive and compassionate way.

The WRC enhances awareness and understanding at UWM of the diversity of women's lives and experiences, and the role gender plays in everyone's life. We promote and support the health and well-being of women juggling school with other responsibilities, and help students to address their problems, recognize their individual and collective power, and achieve their full educational, career and personal potential at UWM and beyond. And, we build partnerships and advocate for change to create a campus climate that enhances the quality of life for all members of the University community.

We're changing to better serve you! The WRC continues to provide all of our existing services plus, in the coming months, please re-visit this site to view our web-based expansions and improvements or sign up to be notified when the new WRC web site is launched! Some of the exciting changes you can expect are:

Employment, Volunteering and Internships:
  • Get involved in making UWM a truly outstanding place for all students! Through our web-based outreach, engage additional male and female students, UWM employees, and community members in shaping the work of the Center.
Information and Referral:
  • A web-based searchable listing of WRC brochures and info sheets.
  • A web-based source of current information and referral knowledge, including a comprehensive woman-focused Resource Directory.
Lending Library:
  • A web-based searchable listing of WRC books and videos.
Social and Educational Programs/Events:
  • Through our web site, increased advance notice of upcoming programs.
Student Support and Advocacy:
  • A web-based interview/survey tool enabling students to share personal stories and experiences as well as become virtual mentors to our web audience.

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