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2016 Fall Hours

Starting Monday, Sept. 19

Monday-Wednesday:  9am - 7 pm
Thursday:  9am - 4pm
Friday:  9am - 1 pm

Two Locations

Curtin Hall 127
(414) 229-4339
Main Location

Library East Wing
Satellite Location

Contact Information

Margaret Mika

Daniel Harrigan
Assistant Coordinator


Writing Center Policies

Every writer has the right to work with a tutor who...

  1. Is knowledgeable in and trained in effective techniques.
  2. Will practice patience and positive reinforcement and will encourage the writer to become an independent thinker.
  3. Respects and appreciates differences of ethnicity, race, gender, age, and beliefs.
  4. Accepts individuals without personal judgments or comparisons with others.
  5. Allows the writer to make final decisions regarding work and assignments.
  6. Begins the session on time.
  7. Informs the director or assistant coordinator when a problem arises.
  8. Keeps information about specific students and their work confidential.
  9. Comes to sessions free of alcohol and drugs.
  10. Maintains appropriate rules to promote effective tutoring such as scheduling, cancellations, space, noise, conduct, standards of dress, and cleanliness.

Every tutor has the right to...

  1. Be treated with respect by the writers and staff without regard to differences of ethnicity, race, gender, age, or beliefs.
  2. Be treated as a tutor, not as an instructor.
  3. Expect the writer to come focused and prepared for work during the sessions.
  4. Expect sessions to begin on time.
  5. Be comfortable telling the writer, "I don't know, but I will find out."
  6. Confer with a director or assistant coordinator regarding assignment or expectations.
  7. Refuse to do a writer's work and encourage the writer to be an independent thinker.
  8. Expect the writer to come to sessions free of alcohol and drugs.