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The core strength of the MMP is the formation of cooperative cross-institution partnerships to ensure that the goals of improved student achievement and teacher preparation are met. Learn more about each partner below.

Milwaukee Partnership Academy

The Milwaukee Partnership Academy:  An Urban P-16 Council for Quality Teaching and Learning is a collaboration between the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Public Schools, the Milwaukee Board of School Directors, the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, the Milwaukee Area Technical College, the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, and the Private Industry Council of Milwaukee County. A broad initiative of the MPA is to assure that every child in the Milwaukee Public Schools is performing at or above grade level in reading, writing, and mathematics through shared responsibility for student success. 

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Link to UWM Home Page University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers 148 different degree programs that serve nearly 26,000 students in the metropolitan area.  The university focuses on approaches to education that are inclusive, multidisciplinary and marked by excellent research and outstanding teaching.  Nearly 20% of these students are enrolled in the teacher education programs of the School of Education.  Because of UWM’s commitment to urban education, a large portion of these teachers will be employed by another core partner, the Milwaukee Public Schools.  In fact, according to recent data, sixty-five percent of MPS teachers received their degree/certificate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  UWM’s partnership intent is to reform and redesign the education work at all levels – not only to achieve quality teaching and learning in Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), but also to achieve quality education of teachers. 

Milwaukee Public Schools Link to UWM Home Page

Link to MPS Home Page Milwaukee Public Schools Link to MPS Home Page The Milwaukee Public Schools have nearly 100,000 students within 165 schools.  The MMP will serve MPS students and teachers to prepare and succeed in challenging mathematics.  Previously, MPS student achievement in math was low.  The core goal of the MMP is to improve mathematics achievement in MPS through stronger teaching and learning. 

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) is the largest two-year technical college in the Midwest.The college offers 150 associate degree, technical diploma, and short-term certificate programs.  MATC has a well-earned reputation for excellence in technical education and instructional innovation, and a strong commitment to the community due to the fact that almost 80% of MATC graduates work in the MATC District and 98% are employed in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Teachers Education Association

The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association represents teachers, educational assistants, substitute teachers, and school accountants in the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS). Collectively, the MTEA is a group of over 9500 employees who work directly with the students in the city’s schools; their goal is quality public schools.  MTEA coordinates collaboration around teacher based professional development and support and mobilizes teacher commitment with MPS.

The Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership also utilized the expertise of several collaborators within these and other institutions to evaluate and further the goals of the MMP. In addition, we are tremendously grateful for the support of the National Science Foundation's Education and Human Resources (EHR) initiative.





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