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101 Introduction to Health and Disease. 2 cr. U. A survey of health promotion and disease prevention including fitness, nutrition, disease transmission, mental health, drug use, and other current health-related topics.|Prereq: none.
102 Healthcare Delivery in the United States. 3 cr. U. An introduction to healthcare delivery focusing on consumers, providers, organization, financing, quality and utilization of services, health planning, and political and governmental impacts.|Prereq: none.
105 Survey of the Health Professions. 3 cr. U. An introduction to health professions, their work settings and roles on the healthcare team. Other topics include: patient-professional communication, patient characteristics, medical terminology.|Counts as repeat of HS 105X. Prereq: none.
222 Language of Medicine. 3 cr. U. Medical terms used in oral and written communication; reviews terminology by body system with emphasis on application.|Prereq: none.
224 Computational Tools for Healthcare Professionals. 3 cr. U. Healthcare focused introduction to computational tools for information management, including system architecture, process and ethical concepts. Incorporates training in office application software.|Prereq: preprofessional or professional in Health Sciences or HCA minor or HCI cert.
250 Allied Health Information Methods. 2 cr. U. Techniques and processes used by allied health personnel to translate thought and behavior into an acceptable style and format for documentation of activities.|Prereq: soph st; grade of C or better in English 102(P) or score at level 4 on EPT.
251 Health Documentation. 1 cr. U. Appropriate health documentation techniques will be addressed including the medical; legal and reimbursement issues of patient assessment, problem identification, and patient care plans.|Prereq: none.
311 Law for Healthcare Consumers and Professionals. 3 cr. U. An introduction to the law as it relates to health care. Topics include contracts, torts, damages, negligence, malpractice, litigation and trial proceedings.|Prereq: jr st or cons instr.
620 Environmental Health. 3 cr. U/G. An overview of the field of environmental and occupational health is presented, including physical, chemical and biological hazards.|Prereq: jr st.

This course information produced at 01:00 on 04/24/2018.

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