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Please Note:
For the latest enrollment information, check online at uwm.edu/onestop.

Eligibility to Enroll

You can review the full Enrollment Eligibility Policy online.

Enrollment is the process of signing up for classes, which is typically completed electronically in PAWS. Continuing students are generally able to enroll in classes as long as these requirements are met:

  • Enrollment in classes at UWM within the past two fall/spring terms (if not, an application for re-entry to UWM must be submitted)
  • An application for graduation was not submitted for the current semester (if so, the Registrar’s Office must be contacted to postpone graduation or an application must be submitted for a new program to pursue after graduation)
  • No Holds exist in PAWS (view Hold details in PAWS)

New students must be officially admitted in order to be eligible to enroll. New freshmen enroll during New Student Orientation. See Advising and Orientation for New Students for more information.

For more information about the application and admission processes, see the Admission section of this catalog.

Academic Advising Prior to Enrollment

All students are assigned an academic advisor upon admission to UWM and all new freshmen must meet with their advisor before they will be permitted to enroll for their first term. Academic advising prior to enrollment is strongly encouraged for all students.

These requirements are subject to change. If you are unsure of the requirements for your particular program, or do not know who your academic advisor is, consult your school/college advising office. See Advising and Orientation for New Students for more information.

Enrollment Procedures and Deadlines

The initial enrollment cycle begins in October for the winter term, November for the spring term, March for the summer term, and April for the fall term. The Schedule of Classes may be viewed online at uwm.edu/schedule.

Continuing students are assigned enrollment appointment times that can be viewed on PAWS. Enrollment appointments indicate the first opportunity to enroll online using PAWS after priority enrollment begins. New and re-entering students will receive enrollment information as soon as appropriate after admission. New freshmen enroll as part of New Student Orientation (see Advising and Orientation for New Students).

Students are assigned an "earliest possible" enrollment date and time based on their level and total earned credits within their level (e.g., graduate student, senior, junior, sophomore, freshman, special/non-degree student). More information may be found online at uwm.edu/onestop.

Details about the enrollment process, deadlines for a particular term, and penalties for late enrollment are described at uwm.edu/onestop. Please ensure that you are taking advantage of your earliest opportunity to enroll, as well as complying with necessary procedures and deadlines.

Change of Enrollment/Add and Drop or Withdrawal from Classes

After initial enrollment, students have the opportunity to modify their class schedule by adding, dropping, or withdrawing from classes during specific periods prior to the start of the semester. Such changes can be made without financial penalty until the start of the term (or before the start of a particular summer session). However, significant financial penalties can apply for changes made beyond the appropriate deadline, and some departments have unique deadlines and approval requirements governing how and when students may add and drop particular courses. Some academic programs also require their students to obtain specific approval for adding or dropping courses. Consult uwm.edu/schedule and uwm.edu/onestop for dates, deadlines, and procedures.

Late Enrollment and Late Payment Fees

Additional fees and penalties will be assessed of students who enroll after published deadlines or who pay their fee/tuition assessments late. Consult uwm.edu/onestop or uwm.edu/business-financial-services/bursar/ in order to avoid these penalties.

Concurrent Enrollment

Students wishing to enroll concurrently at UWM and at another college or university may do so only with the advance approval of their UWM school/college advising office.

Students enrolled part time at more than one UW campus normally pay fees separately to each campus. Students enrolled full time at one campus and part time at another generally pay full-time tuition at their full-time campus and only segregated fees at the part-time campus. However, some specialized programs or courses with special class fees may require payment above the full-time fee rate. Contact the Registrar's Office for additional details at uwm.edu/registrar/contact-us.

ID Cards

UW System regulations require that each student have a picture ID card. This card is used in the UWM Library, the Klotsche Center, the Union, and other places to verify student status and eligibility for participation or service. Students are expected to obtain their ID during their first semester at UWM. ID cards may be obtained in the PantherCard Office, Union 143.

If you are enrolled only in online courses and wish to obtain an ID card verifying your affiliation with UWM, go to uwm.edu/onestop for more information.

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