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This course information produced at 01:00 on 02/17/2018.
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150 Builders for Civilization and Environment. 3 cr. U. Explores the role of civil engineering in society through the use of case studies, including water and society, bridges, building and transportation.|Prereq: none.
201 Statics. 3 cr. U. Principles of mechanics force systems, equilibrium structures, distributed forces, centroids and friction.|Prereq: Math 232(P).
202 Dynamics. 3 cr. U. Kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies with applications of Newton's second law and the principles of work-energy and impulse momentum.|Prereq: Civ Eng 201(P), Math 233(C).
250 Engineering Surveying. 3 cr. U. Horizontal and vertical distance measurement, angles and direction, traverses, errors, control and construction surveys, coordinate systems, land records, and coordinate geometry. Office and field practice.|Prereq: soph st, Math 232(P).
280 Computer Based Engineering Analysis. 3 cr. U. Computer based methods for analysis of data and relationships in engineering practice. Data reliability, experimental design, statistical significance, database systems, curve fitting, interpretation of relationships.|Prereq: CompSci 132(P) or one sem H.S. programming; & Math 231(P) or 226(P).
303 Strength of Materials. 4 cr. U. Stress and strain, torsion, bending of beams, shearing stress in beams, combined stresses, principal stresses, defections of beams, statically indeterminate members and columns. Lec & lab.|Prereq: Civ Eng 201(P) & Math 233(C).
311 Introduction to Energy, Environment and Sustainability. 3 cr. U. Energy system and resources, environmental system and resources, global climate change, life cycle assessment, green chemistry and materials, sustainable technologies.|Prereq: jr st.
335 Soil Mechanics. 3 cr. U. Fundamentals of soil mechanics; soil classification; seepage analysis; principle of effective stress; stress distribution; 1-D consolidation theory; shear strength ; laboratory experience.|Prereq: jr & admis to an Eng major or grad st; Civ Eng 303(P).
360 Introduction to Structural Analysis. 3 cr. U. Elementary structural analysis techniques; beams, trusses, statically determinate frames, influence lines; analysis of indeterminate structures by superposition and computer analysis.|Prereq: Civ Eng 303(P).
372 Introduction to Structural Design. 4 cr. U. Intro to design of reinforced concrete, steel, and wood structures; material properties; codes; design for flexure, shear and axial loads; connections.|Prereq: jr st; Civ Eng 303(P).
401 Intermediate Strength of Materials. 3 cr. U/G. Area moment, conjugate beam, deflection due to shear, bending of unsymmetrical beams, curved beams, shear flow, shear center, stresses in open sections, theories of failure, plastic stress-strain relations, plastic deformation, limit analysis, energy methods, laboratory investigation.|Prereq: jr st, Civ Eng 303(P).
411 Engineering Principles of Water Resources Design. 3 cr. U/G. Principles of hydraulics; steady and non-steady flow in closed conduits and open channels; hydraulic design of structures, surge tanks; hydraulic model studies.|Prereq: jr st & admis to an Eng major or grad st; MechEng 320(P).
412 Applied Hydrology. 3 cr. U/G. Applied hydrology with emphasis on analysis of rainfall, runoff and streamflow processes, hydrologic forecasting and simulation, urban hydrology, hydrologic design and modelling.|Prereq: jr st; Math 233(P) & MechEng 320(P).
413 Environmental Engineering. 3 cr. U/G. Water pollution and control; hazardous substances and risk assessment; water and wastewater treatment systems; air-pollution and emission control; solid wastes; design of treatment facilities.|Prereq: jr st & admis to an Eng major or grad st; MechEng 320(P).
431 Materials of Construction. 3 cr. U/G. Investigation covering engineering properties of metals, timber, concrete, masonry, plain and reinforced plastics, glues; thermal effects.|Prereq: jr st; Civ Eng 303(P).
456 Foundation Engineering. 3 cr. U/G. Site investigation; foundation bearing capacity and settlement; design of spread and combined footings; lateral earth pressures; retaining wall design; slope stability analysis; pile foundations.|Prereq: jr st; Civ Eng 335(P).
463 Introduction to Finite Elements. 3 cr. U/G. Generation and assembly of finite element matrices in one- and two-dimensional problems. Modeling and practical applications in solid mechanics, heat transfer and fluid flow.|Not open to students with cr in MechEng 463, which is identical to Civ Eng 463. Prereq: jr st; ElecEng 234(P), Civ Eng 303(P), MechEng 320(C), 311(C) or 321(C).
466 Mechanics of Composite Materials. 3 cr. U/G. Basic concepts, materials, and characteristics of composites. Micromechanics and Macromechanics of Elastic Response. Failure, design and optimization of composite structures.|Civ Eng 466 & MechEng 466 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Prereq: jr st & Civ Eng 303(P)
469 Introduction to Biomechanical Engineering. 3 cr. U/G. Mathematical modeling of human body; dynamics of human motion; neuromuscular control human movement; stress analysis of bones and joints; concurrent mechanical problems in medicine.|MechEng 469 & Civ Eng 469 are jointly offered and count as repeats of one another. Prereq: Civ Eng 202(P) & 303 (P); or cons instr.
490 Transportation Engineering. 3 cr. U/G. Technological and common elements of all modes of transportation; their effect on performance, demand, and outputs of a transportation system. Development of new transportation systems.|Prereq: jr st & admis to an Eng major; Civ Eng 280(P); or grad st.
492 Environmental Impact Assessment. 3 cr. U/G. Study and evaluation of the impacts of large scale projects on the quality of the environment with emphasis on the assessment of physical and community impacts. Impact statement preparation.|Prereq: sr st.
494 Principles of Civil Engineering Design. 1 cr. U. Project identification and planning for senior design project; proposals, project management and team procedures. Technical communications. Professional engineering responsibilities. Intended for first semester seniors.|Prereq: sr st in Civ Eng: Civ Eng 335(C), 372(C), 411(C), 413(C), & 490(C).
495 Senior Design. 3 cr. U. Team design project involving application of fundamental civil engineering concepts. Discussion of specifications, contracts and implementation. Written and oral presentations. Intended for second semester seniors.|Prereq: Civ Eng 335(P), 372(P), 411(P), 413(P), 490(P), 494(P) or cons instr.
499 Ad Hoc: (Subtitled). 1-12 cr. U. Course created expressly for offering in a specified enrollment period. Requires only dept & assoc dean approval. In exceptional circumstances, can be offered in one add'l sem.|May be retaken w/chg in topic. Prereq: none; add'l prereqs may be assigned to specific topic.
502 Experimental Stress Analysis. 3 cr. U/G. Basic stress strain relations; demonstration of experimental methods of determining stresses and strains; use of mechanical strain, electric strain, and strain gages, optical photoelastic equipment, brittle lacquers, models.|Prereq: jr st & Civ Eng 303(P).
511 Water Supply and Sewerage. 3 cr. U/G. Resources of water supply quality and quantity requirements. Principles of hydraulic design of water supply and sewerage systems; pumping stations. Principles of sewage disposal. Problems of management involving hydrological, engineering, institutional, legal and economic aspects. Design project.|Prereq: jr st; Civ Eng 411(P).
521 Water Quality Assessment. 3 cr. U/G. Laboratory techniques for detecting and measuring physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water and wastewater. Water quality requirements. Design of sampling programs.|Prereq: sr st; Civ Eng 411(P).
555 Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies. 3 cr. U/G. Sustainable construction materials and methodologies related to commercial construction, LEED/Green certifications, material selection.|Prereq: jr st.
560 Intermediate Structural Analysis. 3 cr. U/G. Topics in traditional analysis methods; indeterminate structures, load & load paths, moment distribution, approximate methods, elementary plate analysis.|Prereq: jr st; Civ Eng 360(P), 372(P).
571 Design of Concrete Structures. 3 cr. U/G. Topics in reinforced concrete design; indeterminate reinforced concrete beams and frames; length effect in columns; torsion; two way floor systems; yield line theory.|Prereq: jr st; Civ Eng 360(C), 372(P).
572 Design of Steel Structures. 3 cr. U/G. Topics in design of steel structures; tension, compression, and beam members; combined axial and bending; connections; frames; serviceability.|Prereq: jr st; Civ Eng 360(C), 372(P).
573 Design of Masonry Structures. 3 cr. U/G. Topics in design of masonry structures; materials, loads, design codes, reinforced & unreinforced axial & flexural members, composite & cavity walls, shear walls, seismic requirements.|Prereq: jr st; Civ Eng 360(C), 372(P).
574 Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures. 3 cr. U/G. Design of prestressed concrete structures; methods of prestressing; loss of prestress; design for flexure, shear, torsion; camber and deflections; continuity; connections; fire rating; circular prestressing.|Prereq: jr st; Civ Eng 360(C), 372(P).
579 Earthquake Engineering. 3 cr. U/G. Earthquake mechanics and effects, structural dynamics, seismic hazard analysis, design guidelines, design of steel and concrete buildings for earthquake loads.|Counts as repeat of Civ Eng 891 w/same subtitle. Prereq: sr st; Civ Eng 571(P) or 572(P); or cons instr; or grad st.
580 Engineering Analysis in Applied Mechanics. 3 cr. U/G. Engineering analysis of initial and boundary value problems in applied mechanics. Application of various methods to investigate a variety of engineering situations.|Not open to students with cr in MechEng 580, which is identical to Civ Eng 580. Prereq: jr st; ElecEng 234(P).
590 Urban Transportation Planning. 3 cr. U/G. Techniques used to plan urban transportation systems; data collection, trip generation, trip distribution, factors underlying the choice of mode, traffic assignment, modeling and evaluation techniques.|Prereq: sr st.
592 Traffic Control. 3 cr. U/G. Control of transportation systems with emphasis on traffic engineering principles. Data collection, capacity analysis, traffic improvements, signalization, signs and markings, channelization, intersection, speeds and safety considerations.|Prereq: sr st.
594 Physical Planning and Municipal Engineering. 3 cr. U/G. Organization and structure of local government, zoning and planning, subdivision layout, street design, transit service, urban drainage, storm and sanitary sewer, water supply and other public works activities.|Prereq: sr st.
596 Transportation Facilities Design. 3 cr. U/G. Physical design of transportation facilities including geometric design and terminals for highway, rail, air and water transportation. Student project work will be required.|Prereq: jr st; Civ Eng 490(P).
598 Pavement Analysis and Design. 3 cr. U/G. Pavement types, design factors, traffic loading and volume, materials characterization, drainage design, flexible and rigid pavements design, stresses and deflections, overlay design, pavement rehabilitation.|Prereq: jr st & Civ Eng 335(P); or grad st.
610 Introduction to Water and Sewage Treatment. 3 cr. U/G. Characteristics of water and sewage. Principles of physical, chemical and biological processes for water and sewage treatment. Design project.|Prereq: sr st; Civ Eng 413(P).
614 Hazardous Waste Management. 3 cr. U/G. Hazardous waste; regulatory process; fate and transport of contaminants; treatment and disposal methods; site remediation; quantitative risk assessment; design project.|Prereq: jr st; Civ Eng 413(P).
616 Computational Hydraulics and Environmental Flows. 3 cr. U/G. Numerical analysis applied to fluid flows and transport phenomena. Applications in environmental flows, water quality models, transport of pollutant, long wave propagation, etc.|Counts as repeat of Civ Eng 691 w/same topic. Prereq: jr sr, Civ Eng 411(P).
691 Topics in Civil Engineering: (Subtitled). 1-3 cr. U/G. Topics vary. Study of topics in theory and practice of civil engineering. Specific topics and any additional prerequisites will be announced in Schedule of Classes each time the course is offered.|May be retaken to a max of 6 cr. Prereq: jr st.
699 Independent Study. 1-3 cr. U/G. |May be retaken to max of 6 cr toward the undergraduate degree. Prereq: jr st; cons instr.

This course information produced at 01:00 on 02/17/2018.

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