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This course information produced at 01:00 on 02/24/2018.
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210 Survey of Communication Disorders. 3 cr. U. A broad overview of speech, language, and hearing disorders. Normal development, adult functions and cultural differences are explored, as well as general approaches to rehabilitation.|Prereq: none.
220 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech, Hearing, and Language Mechanisms. 4 cr. U. Structures and functions involved in normal speech, hearing, and language.|Prereq: Bio Sci 202 (P) or cons instr.
230 Introduction to Phonetics. 4 cr. U. Descriptive study of the production and perception of English speech sounds; broad phonetic transcription; introduction to physiological, acoustic, and clinical phonetics. 3 hr Lec, 1 hr Lab/Dis.|Prereq: none.
240 Normal Speech and Language Development. 3 cr. U. Intensive study of children's speech and language acquisition and research techniques for investigating children's speech and language behavior. Interrelationship with other development areas also discussed.|Prereq: none.
245 Client Diversity in Health Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. 3 cr. U. Interdisciplinary instruction on effective service delivery in the health sciences to culturally diverse individuals and families. Emphasis on the complexity of an individual's cultural identity.|BMS(C L Sci)/ComSDis/HCA/Kin(HMS)/OccThpy/TherRec 245 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Prereq: soph st or cons instr.
250 Interprofessional Communication in the Health Sciences. 3 cr. U. Introduction to best-practices in interprofessional communication within the Health Sciences; emphasis on patient-provider interactions, regulations, health literacy, and interprofessional communication.|Prereq: none.
350 Clinical Process I: Articulation and Phonology Disorders. 3 cr. U. Introduction to the clinical process and its application to the assessment and intervention of articulation and phonology discorders in children.|Prereq: jr st; admis to major; ComSDis 220(NP), 230(NP), 240(NP).
351 Clinical Process II: Child Language Disorders. 3 cr. U. The clinical process and its application to the assessment and intervention of language disorders in children.|Prereq: jr st; admis to major; ComSDis 350(NP).
380 Bases of Hearing Science. 3 cr. U. Consideration of fundamental physical and psychophysical concepts in hearing science and advanced topics in auditory physiology promoting a basic understanding of hearing and hearing measurement.|Prereq: ComSDis 220(NP) or cons instr.
450 Bases of Fluency and Voice Disorders. 3 cr. U. Overview of the basic requirements for fluent speech and voice production. Also includes an introduction to the disorders of fluency and voice.|Prereq: jr st; admis to major; ComSDis 220(NP), 230(NP), 240(NP) or cons instr.
460 Survey of Adult Neurogenic Language and Speech Disorders. 3 cr. U. Principles and concepts underlying acquired adult neurogenic language and speech disorders. Topics include aphasia, apraxis, dysarthria, dementia, closed head injury, and right hemisphere disorders.|Prereq: jr st; admis to major; ComSDis 220(NP), 230(NP), 240(NP) or cons instr.
470 Introduction to Audiology. 3 cr. U. Overview of clinical hearing assessment including principles of assessment, instrumentation and calibration, basic audiometry, interpretation of audiometric results, and hearing disorders. Participation in laboratories required.|Prereq: jr st; ComSDis 220(NP), 380(NP) or cons instr.
480 Speech Science. 3 cr. U. Study of anatomic, physiologic, acoustic and perceptual parameters involved in speech production and perception; exposure to instrumentation for clinical application/research.|Prereq: jr st; admis to major; ComSDis 380 or cons instr.
490 Audiologic (Re)Habilitation. 3 cr. U. Study of the fundamentals of (re)habilitative audiology. Includes study of current comprehensive audiologic (re)habilitative approaches with pediatric through geriatric populations.|Prereq: jr st; ComSDis 470(P).
500 Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology: (Subtitled). 3 cr. U. Initial supervised practicum experience with articulation, phonology, and/or child language disorders.|May not be retaken for cr. Prereq: jr st; admis to major; ComSDis 351(P); cons instr.
520 Counseling in Communication Disorders. 3 cr. U/G. Current theories in counseling and guidance, procedures designed specifically for use with the communicatively impaired. Opportunity for application of knowledge will be provided.|Prereq: jr st; admis to major or cons instr.
579 Special Topics in Communication Sciences and Disorders: (Subtitled). 1-3 cr. U/G. Specific topic and any additional prerequisites will be announced in the Schedule of Classes each time the course is offered.|May be retaken w/chg in topic to max of 6 cr. Prereq: jr st.
580 Communication Problems of the Older Adult. 3 cr. U/G. Study of the impairments to the communicative process caused by physiological, environmental, and social psychological changes which come with aging.|Prereq: sr st; ComSDis 460 or cons instr.
620 Craniofacial Disorders. 2 cr. U/G. Genetic, embryological, anatomical and physiological aspects of craniofacial disorders, including cleft lip and palate; associated communicative disorders; diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for related speech-language problems.|Prereq: ComSDis 350(P), 351(P), 480(P); cons instr.
630 Communication Disorders in Multicultural Populations. 2 cr. U/G. Application of theoretical models and research perspectives to the assessment and treatment of communication disorders in children from multicultural populations.|Prereq: sr st; cons instr.
634 Collaborative Consultation/Teaming-Serving Young Children with Disabilities. 3 cr. U/G. Focus on development of collaboration and consultation skills for professionals employed in interdisciplinary and interagency settings.|ExcEduc 634, Occthpy 634, & ComSDis 634 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Prereq: jr st.
640 Clinical and Research Instrumentation in Communication Sciences & Disorders. 2 cr. U/G. Hands-on laboratory experience with several clinically practical and non-invasive instrumentation systems for analyzing, monitoring, documenting normal as well as abnormal articulation, voice and prosody.|Prereq: sr st; ComSDis 480(P); cons instr.
650 Communication Assessment and Intervention for Persons with Disabilities. 3 cr. U/G. Application of various theories and models of communication assessment and intervention for persons with severe/profound disabilities.|Prereq: sr st; cons instr.
660 School-Age Language. 2 cr. U/G. Language disorders in older children and adolescents; application of developmental theory to assessment and intervention.|Prereq: sr st; cons instr.
661 The Role of the Speech-language Pathologist in Literacy. 2 cr. U/G. Language theory related to reading and writing disorders. Speech-language pathologist's role in assessment and intervention.|Prereq: sr st; cons instr.
670 Advanced Procedures in Audiology. 3 cr. U/G. Masking, speech audiometry, acoustic immittance testing, differential diagnosis, audiological screening design, development and implementation, special pediatric and geriatric concerns; audiologic counseling and hearing aid orientation.|Prereq: sr st; ComSDis 470(P); cons instr.
688 Evaluation and Diagnosis in Speech-Language Pathology. 2 cr. U/G. The diagnostic process in speech-language assessment: case histories and interviewing, formal and informal assessment, interpretation of results, and report writing.|Prereq: sr st; ComSDis 351(P); or cons instr.
690 Cognitive Communication Disorders in Adults. 2 cr. U/G. Communication disorders related to traumatic brain injury and dementia in adults. Emphasis on neuropathology, symptomatology, assessment, and management.|Prereq: sr st, ComSDis 460, and cons instr; or grad st.
699 Advanced Independent Study. 1-3 cr. U. Individual program of supervised study.|May be retaken to 6 cr max. Prereq: sr st; cons instr & faculty advisor; completion of advanced independent study form.

This course information produced at 01:00 on 02/24/2018.

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