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This course information produced at 01:00 on 02/24/2018.
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203 Human Life Cycle. 3 cr. U. Views of leading theorists and recent research in the field of human development will be presented with emphasis on biopsychosocial aspects of the five major stages of development from prenatal through senescence.|Prereq: soph st or cons instr.
212 Drugs Used and Abused. 3 cr. U. An introduction to the mechanisms, actions, uses and abuses of selected licit and illicit drugs from a public health perspective.|Prereq: soph st or cons instr.
220 Leading Healthcare Professionals. 3 cr. U. Introduction to effective healthcare leadership of self, others, and groups in complex healthcare settings. Emphasis on leader understanding own temperament and values and healthcare context.|Prereq: none.
245 Client Diversity in Health Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. 3 cr. U. Interdisciplinary instruction on effective service delivery in the health sciences to culturally diverse individuals and families. Emphasis on the complexity of an individual's cultural identity.|BMS(C L Sci)/ComSDis/HCA/Kin(HMS)/OccThpy/TherRec 245 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Prereq: soph st or cons instr.
260 Gerontology for Health Care Administrators. 3 cr. U. The administrator's responsibility for improving resident quality of life in long-term care organizations through an overview of sociological, psychological, and biological aspects of aging.|Prereq: none.
290 Selected Topics in Health Information Administration: (Subtitled). 1-3 cr. U. Content to be determined as instructional need arises.|May be retaken for cr w/chg in topic. Prereq: none, except as specified for topic.
297 Study Abroad. (Subtitled). 1-12 cr. U. Designed to enroll students in UWM sponsored program before course work level, content and credits are determined and/or in specially prepared program course work.|May be retaken w/chg in topic. Prereq: acceptance to Study Abroad Prog.
307 Epidemiology for the Health Sciences. 3 cr. U. Introduction to the etiology and distribution of disease and risk factors associated with the determination of disease; applications of epidemiology to the health science professions.|Prereq: HMS 270(P) or MthStat 215(P)
333 Health Organizations Professional Practice Standards. 2 cr. U. Overview of regulatory statutes, licensure requirements, accreditation and other professional practice standards that affect healthcare organizations.|Prereq: jr st in Hlth Sci or minor in HCA.
340 Healthcare Process Measurement. 3 cr. U. Compilation and presentation of healthcare statistics; use of statistical analysis and graphic presentation of data to examine healthcare processes and support decision-making.|Prereq: jr st in HlthSci; HMS 270(P) or MthStat 215(P).
361 Structure and Functions of Long-Term Care Facilities. 3 cr. U. Nursing home administrator's domains of practice, nursing facility management innovations, and the long-term care continuum through lectures and site visits.|Prereq: HCA 260(P); or cons instr.
362 Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Long-Term Care Facilities. 3 cr. U. Legal and regulatory environment of the nursing facility. Reviews state and federal requirements and overviews the survey process designed to protect resident well-being|Prereq: HCA 311(C) & 361(P); or cons instr.
411 Disease Classification Systems I. 3 cr. U. Disease classification systems with emphasis on hospital applications.|Prereq: HCA 222(HIA 222)(P) or equiv; or cons instr.
421 Operations Management in Healthcare Organizations. 3 cr. U. Application of operations management principles to management of healthcare organizations. Emphasis on tools to plan, organize and control.|Prereq: Bus Adm 350(P).
422 Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations. 3 cr. U. Introduction of human relation concepts as it applies to the health care organizations. Emphasis on the application of management responsibilities.|Prereq: jr st in Hlth Sci or HCA minor.
423 Health Information Administration in Specialized Healthcare Facilites. 4 cr. U. Study of health information systems in ambulatory, long-term, home health, and other non-hospital settings; site visits and site-specific projects.|Prereq: sr st in HCA or cons instr.
430 Patient Registration Management. 3 cr. U. |Prereq: none.
444 Introduction to Text Retrieval and Its Applications in Biomedicine. 3 cr. U/G. Introduction to text retrieval, text classification and their biomedical applications; topics include: indexing, query processing, and document retrieval methods.|Jointly offered with & counts as repeat of CompSci 444, CompSci 744, & HCA 744. Prereq: jr st; CompSci 351(P) or HCA 442(P).
450 Healthcare Quality Management. 3 cr. U. Theory and development of quality assessment programs in healthcare; involvement of governing board, administration, medical staff, includes review of risk and utilization management programs.|Prereq: C L Sci 301-305(P); HMS 270(P) or MthStat 215(P).
460 Healthcare Reimbursement Systems and Policies. 3 cr. U. History and functioning of healthcare reimbursement systems. Emphasis on the policies and procedures of government and major third party systems.|Prereq: HCA 421(P).
480 Competency-Based Internship in Long-Term Care Facilities. 3 cr. U. A supervised clinical practicum serving as the capstone fieldwork experience for HCA majors obtaining a sub-major in long-term care administration.|Prereq: HCA 362(C) & cons instr.
497 Study Abroad. (Subtitled). 1-12 cr. U/G. Designed to enroll students in UWM sponsored program before course work level, content, and credits are determined and/or in specially prepared program course work.|May be retaken w/chg in topic. Prereq: jr st; acceptance to Study Abroad Prog.
502 Healthcare Delivery Systems: National and International Perspectives. 3 cr. U. An analysis of health delivery systems in the U.S. and abroad.|Prereq: jr st & completion of HS 102(HCA 102)(P).
520 Clinical Practicum. 3 cr. U. Assignments to local health information centers for practical experience; weekly meetings and projects also required.|Prereq: sr st in HCA.
521 Advanced Systems Thinking for Healthcare Leaders. 3 cr. U/G. An in-depth view of systems theory, Deming's system of profound knowledge, and Goldratt's theory of constraints and how these theories can improve healthcare organizations.|Prereq: jr st; HCA 340(P) & Bus Adm 330(P).
537 Introduction to Healthcare Databases and Technologies. 3 cr. U/G. Introduction to origins, sources and content of healthcare data; technologies used to manage and control healthcare databases.|Prereq: jr st in Hlth Sci or minor in HCA or HCI cert or cons instr; HS 224 (HCA 224)(P) or L&I Sci 110(P) or Bus Adm 230(P).
540 Health Information Professional Practice. 4 cr. U. Four-week professional practice working with and under supervision of an information manager. Pre-practice meetings and post-practice seminar.|Prereq: sr st in HCA, HCA 520 (HIA 520)(P).
541 Healthcare Information Systems Analysis and Design. 3 cr. U/G. Overview of health facility computerized information systems. Information systems theory, systems analysis, and implementation of computer systems from a managerial/planning perspective.|Prereq: jr st, HCA 537(P); or grad st.
542 Healthcare Database Design and Management. 3 cr. U/G. Study of database structure, data models, and operations issues. Emphasis on data security, integrity, integration, and access. Healthcare database applications.|Prereq: jr st, HCA 541(P); or grad st.
580 Health Care Administration Internship. 4 cr. U. Capstone course/Internship experience with administrators in health care agencies and health-related organizations (e.g., hospitals/health systems, ambulatory care/group practices, managed care, rehabilitation facilities, residential/long-term care).|May be retaken to max of 12 cr. Prereq: sr st in HCA prog & cons internship coordinator.
590 Topics in Health Sciences: (Subtitled). 1-3 cr. U/G. Topics of current interest within the field of health sciences. The theme for each semester's offering will be posted.|May be retaken w/chg in topic to max of 9 cr for grad students. Prereq: jr st; cons instr for grad cr.
699 Advanced Independent Study: 1-3 cr. U/G. |May be retaken with change in topic. Prereq: U: jr st, 2.5 gpa, writ cons instr; G: grad st; writ cons instr.

This course information produced at 01:00 on 02/24/2018.

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