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THERREC Therapeutic Recreation

This course information produced at 01:00 on 02/24/2018.
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103 Introduction to Leisure. 3 cr. U. Introductory survey of the historical, philosophical, sociological, developmental, and cultural aspects of recreation, leisure, and play.|Prereq: none.
200 Psycho/Social Aspects of Leisure. 3 cr. U. Study of the psychological and sociological aspects of leisure participation.|Prereq: none.
202 Disability: Society and the Person. 3 cr. U. Goals are to introduce and sensitize students to individuals with disabilities and to enable students to understand the psychological and social impact of disability.|Prereq: none.
203 Therapeutic Recreation Process. 3 cr. U. Study of Therapeutic Recreation (TR) process including the values and underpinning of practice, and the inter-relationships between TR, health care and human service professionals.|Counts as a repeat of TherRec 390 with same topic. Course taught completely online. Prereq: none.
245 Client Diversity in Health Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. 3 cr. U. Interdisciplinary instruction on effective service delivery in the health sciences to culturally diverse individuals and families. Emphasis on the complexity of an individual's cultural identity.|BMS(C L Sci)/ComSDis/HCA/Kin(HMS)/OccThpy/TherRec 245 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Prereq: soph st or cons instr.
297 Study Abroad - Therapeutic Recreation: 1-12 cr. U. Designed to enroll students in UWM sponsored program before course work level, content, and credits are determined and/or in specially prepared course work.|May be retaken w/chg in topic. Prereq: Acceptance to Study Abroad Prog.
300 Therapeutic Recreation Assessment and Documentation. 4 cr. U. Study and practice of therapeutic recreation assessment and documentation techniques.|Prereq: none.
301 Program Development and Evaluation in Therapeutic Recreation. 3 cr. U. Study of systematic program design and evaluation techniques.|Prereq: jr st in TherRec major or cons instr.
303 Inclusive and Disability Programs in the Community. 3 cr. U. Study of concepts and practices related to the delivery of community programs for individuals with disabilities.|Prereq: none.
308 Therapeutic Recreation in Physical Rehabilitation and Behavioral Health. 4 cr. U. Therapeutic recreation services for individuals with physical disabilities and psychiatric disorders.|Not open for cr for students with cr in TherRec 304(ER) or TherRec 305(ER). Prereq: none
309 Therapeutic Recreation in Pediatrics and Gerontology. 4 cr. U. Therapeutic recreation services for children/adolescents and elderly individuals.|Not open for cr for students with cr in TherRec 306(ER) or 307(ER). Prereq: jr st or cons instr.
310 Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation. 4 cr. U. Study of therapeutic recreation facilitation techniques.|Prereq: None.
390 Topics in Therapeutic Recreation: (Subtitled). 1-3 cr. U. Topics of current interest in therapeutic recreation. Specific credits and additional prerequisites will be announced in the Schedule of Classes whenever the course is offered.|Prereq: none.
399 Independent Study in Therapeutic Recreation. 1-3 cr. U. Individualized experience which enables the student to study current topics of interest to the therapeutic recreation specialist.|May be retaken to max of 3 cr. Prereq: jr st or cons instr.
400 Issues and Trends in Therapeutic Recreation (TR). 3 cr. U. Examination of the most current issues and trends in the field and advancement of the profession.|Prereq: TherRec 308(P) or cons instr.
401 Therapeutic Recreation Internship and Seminar. 12 cr. U. Therapeutic recreation field instruction at approved agencies for forty hours per week for a full semester. Seminar to prepare students for professional involvement.|Prereq: must have completed all course work in the TherRec major.

This course information produced at 01:00 on 02/24/2018.

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