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School of Architecture and Urban Planning


Course of Study

The study of architecture at UWM consists of three levels that lead to the accredited professional degree of Master of Architecture. Students can enter the program at various levels depending on their background. Students with previous non-professional baccalaureate degrees should see the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Graduate School Bulletin for more information on the Master of Architecture program.

All undergraduate students are required to meet the UWM General Education Requirements.

Level 1 (Pre-Architecture). Freshman year should be taken at UWM. If taken at another institution whose credits are accepted for transfer by UWM, the student is expected to achieve equivalent background and skills. Significant differences in courses will require that additional coursework be completed prior to Level 2 admission.

Level 2 (Architectural Studies). Sophomore, junior, and senior years, taken in the Department of Architecture. This period provides a general introduction to the problems and techniques of architectural design. Students who are accepted into Level 2 and complete the program receive the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies. This is not an accredited professional degree. It can provide, however, a foundation for employment as a non-professional in architecture or in fields related to architecture, construction, design, and planning, or for graduate study in architecture or in other disciplines concerned with the physical environment.

Level 3 (Master of Architecture). Graduate study taken in the Department of Architecture. See the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Graduate School Bulletin for details.

Level 1 (Pre-Architecture)

Admission. Students applying to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and declaring a primary interest in architectural studies on their application forms will be designated as Architectural Studies-Intended (Pre-Architecture) students. They will be advised by the School's undergraduate advisor in the Student Advising Office. The policies and procedures of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning apply to admitted students, even though they may be enrolled in courses in another school or college at UWM.

Pre-Architecture students are not automatically accepted into the Level 2 program. A separate application is required.

New freshman admission to the School of Architecture and Urban Planning is based on an overall assessment of both academic and non-academic qualifications. The primary review factors for admission are the strength and quality of the high school curriculum, high school class percentile, grade point average, and the ACT or SAT. For preferential consideration, applications (including ACT or SAT scores) must be completed no later than March 1 (for summer/fall term) or December 1 (for spring term). Applications not complete by the priority date or not meeting these admission criteria will be considered on a space-available basis.

See general freshman admission requirements of the University.

Academically qualified international student applicants must have a TOEFL score of at least 79 (iBT) or 550 (PBT), or they may be admitted following successful completion of the Intensive English Program at UWM, as demonstrated by an appropriate TOEFL score.

Transfer students are admitted on a selective basis. Preference is given to students whose applications are completed, including all required supporting documents, no later than March 1 (for the following summer/fall term) or December 1 (for the following spring term) and who have completed (or will have completed by the anticipated enrollment date) at least 24 degree credits with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale). In addition, transfer applicants must meet the same high school English and mathematics course requirements as new freshman applicants. International transfer student applicants also must meet the minimum TOEFL requirement.

Students enrolled in other UWM schools or colleges who wish to enter the architecture program will also be considered for admission on the basis of the criteria listed above. They must file an internal transfer intent form (available in the Student Advising Office) no later than February 1 (for the following summer/fall term) or December 1 (for the following spring term) to be considered for preferential review.

Course of Study. The Level 1 curriculum consists of a series of required courses within the Department and recommended courses outside the Department to satisfy competency and distribution requirements. Coursework offered by the Department at Level 1 introduces the student not only to architecture as a field of study and a profession, but also to the skills and project experiences useful in deciding whether to pursue further study in the field of architectural design.

Freshman Year Requirements

Arch 100

Architectural Making I


Arch 102

Architectural Making II


Arch 103

Architectural Thinking I


Arch 104

Architectural Thinking II


In addition, the Department occasionally offers a special topics course (190) for experimental coursework.

Competency Requirements. Demonstrated competency in English, mathematics, physics, and foreign language is required for admission to Level 2.

Oral and Written Communication Competency - Part A: Complete English 102 with a grade of C or higher or place beyond English 102 on the English Placement Exam (EPT).
Oral and Written Communication Competency - Part B: Complete at least one OWC - B course (see schedule of classes for this listing).

Quantitative Literacy Competency - Part A: Placement code of a 36 on the Math Placement Test; or a grade of C or better in both Math 105 and 117.
Quantitative Literacy Competency - Part B: Complete at least one QL-B course (see schedule of classes for this listing).

Physics. Satisfactorily complete a college-level physics course (100, 107, 120 or higher).

Foreign Language. Please refer to the Academic Information section at the beginning of this catalog for specific information on this requirement.

Directed Electives (30 cr). The Department requires courses outside the department to give students a foundation in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. These courses satisfy the distribution area of the UWM General Education Requirements (GER).





Social Sciences


Natural Sciences, to include a lab



Additional 6 from any of the above categories

One course must satisfy the GER Cultural Diversity Requirement. A list of courses is provided in the online Schedule of Classes each semester under "General Education Requirements."

One course must satisfy the Service Learning Requirement. A list of courses is provided in the online Schedule of Classes each semester.

Directed electives can be completed in Level 2.

Level 2 (Architectural Studies)

Admission. Entrance into this level requires the following standards: completion of a minimum of 30 credits (sophomore standing); a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 in both the overall college record and required Level 1 architecture courses (Arch 100, 102, 103, and 104, or their equivalent). Because enrollment is contingent upon available staffing and facilities, satisfaction of the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to Level 2. The academic quality of the student's Level 1 studies are carefully reviewed by the School's BSAS Committee. Admission to the University does not guarantee acceptance by the Department of Architecture.

Enrollment priority is given to students with the highest cumulative GPAs for admission into Architecture 310.

Application instructions are available in the School's Student Advising Office. Students applying for the fall semester must submit a Level 2 application by May 1. Transfer students should apply at least one month prior to this date to assure adequate time for receipt and evaluation of transcripts by the University's Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Transfer students applying to Level 2 must demonstrate that they have taken the equivalent of the Level 1 program of study (Arch 100, 102, 103, and 104).

Advanced students transferring from another architectural or related program (design, engineering, landscape architecture) may petition the BSAS Committee for advanced standing. Students must show that prior coursework parallels coursework in the Level 2 program. A minimum of two semesters of work, consisting of at least 24 credits in total, must be completed in residency for the bachelor's degree.

Second-degree candidates enrolled in architecture courses are classified as seniors in architecture. They are not subject to the University's General Education Requirements; however, they must complete (or have completed) the Level 1 Mathematics and Physics Competency Requirements. Admission to the School as a second-degree candidate requires a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) on the previous undergraduate record. Applications must be completed no later than March 1 (for the summer/fall term) or October 1 (for the spring term). For information on second-degree requirements, students should schedule an appointment with Tammy Taylor, Undergraduate Advisor, (414) 229-4015.

Course of Study. Students admitted to the Level 2 program must complete the courses listed below.

Two introductory core studios in the sophomore year (12 cr)


Arch 310

Fundamentals of Architectural Design I


Arch 320

Fundamentals of Architectural Design II


1. Core Studios (12 cr)

Arch 410

Architectural Design I


Arch 420

Architectural Design II


2. Core Courses (18 cr)


Arch 282

Visualization I


Arch 283

Visualization II


Arch 301

Architectural Structures and Construction


Arch 302

Architecture and Human Behavior


Arch 303

Architecture and Environmental Response


Arch 304

Contemporary Citicism and Urbanism


3. Electives at the 300 level or above (24 cr)

Of these, 15 must be completed in the Department of Architecture. A minimum of 9 credits at the 300 level or above must be taken outside the Department of Architecture. Students intending to enter the Level 3 program will need to complete a third, 600-level studio. For the BSAS degree, at least the last 24 credits must be earned in residency at UWM. A total of 120 credits is required for graduation. The minimum cumulative GPA required for all UWM credits and for all Level 2 credits attempted is 2.5.

BSAS Requirements

Total credits needed to graduate: 120

Completion of this degree does not guarantee admission to the graduate programs in architecture.

Architectural Studies Minor

The Department of Architecture offers a Minor in Architectural Studies for students enrolled in other degree programs on campus. To receive recognition for coursework completed toward the minor, students must satisfactorily complete courses in the minor track.

Course of Study

Students who choose the Minor in Architectural Studies must have a declared major in another school or college at UWM and must have a minimum of a 2.75 grade point average. 

The minor consists of 18 credits in architecture courses. Nine credits numbered 300 or above must be taken in residence at UWM. All credits in the minor must be completed with an overall grade point average of at least 2.75, and no courses may be taken on a credit/no credit basis.


The Department reserves the right to cap admissions into the minor on the basis of course availability. Students in the major have first priority registration for all courses in the Department. In cases of full capacity, students enrolled in the minor will be ranked and admitted into the program or into a course on the basis of overall GPA.

For more information about requirements for the minor, contact Tammy Taylor, Undergraduate Advisor, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, AUP 225, ttaylor@uwm.edu, (414) 229-4015.

Academic Regulations

For information on the University-wide Academic Action Policy and honors for scholarship, please refer to the Academic Information section at the beginning of this catalog.

Special Opportunities

The Department of Architecture provides the following opportunities for students and faculty to develop coursework with a special focus.

The Independent Studies course (Arch 392) rewards students with credits for worthwhile activities originated by the students, such as special reading or research programs, community service, or independent design projects. To be eligible, students in the Department of Architecture must have completed one semester of work and must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in their work in the Department. Students in other UWM departments must have the permission of their own departments and the Department of Architecture.

The Directed Research course (Arch 391) offers an opportunity for students to participate in current research projects of architecture faculty. Eligibility and approval for registration are at the discretion of the faculty members in charge of the projects.

The Special Topics course (Arch 390) permits individual faculty members to develop special subjects on a one-semester basis. Special Topics courses are announced at registration for the following semester.

The Department has developed a semester-long Study Abroad Program that allows students to combine foreign travel and study under the tutelage of one or more departmental faculty member(s). The location of the program may vary from year to year. Admission to the program is selective, based on the student's previous academic performance.

Accident and Health Insurance. Use of the School's woodworking shop requires that students provide evidence of personal accident and health insurance to the School of Architecture and Urban Planning Dean's Office.

Level 3 (Master of Architecture)

A student who receives the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies does not automatically qualify for the Level 3 graduate program, which must be completed for the accredited professional degree. Students must satisfy both the general admission requirements of the Graduate School and the special requirements of the Department of Architecture. Applicants should consult the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Graduate School Bulletin.



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