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School of Education

Educational Psychology

The Department of Educational Psychology offers undergraduate courses in human development and learning, measurement, research, evaluation and statistics, school psychology, school counseling, and community counseling. These courses are for students enrolled in teacher preparation programs in the School of Education and for interested students in other schools and colleges. Undergraduates may not major or minor in educational psychology.

Educational Psychology also offers a minor in Counseling to undergraduates from other majors, such as Psychology, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Communication, and other areas in which students are interested in developing counseling skills.

The Counseling minor requires the completion of a minimum of 18 credits, at least 9 of them at the 300 level or above, taken in residence at UWM. The School of Education requires that students attain at least a 2.5 GPA on all credits in the minor attempted at UWM. In addition, students must attain a 2.5 GPA on all minor credits attempted, including any transfer work. The following are required:

Ed Psy 212

Career Planning and Development

Ed Psy 220

Positive Psychology Applied to Culture, Learning, and Development

Ed Psy 227

Cross-Cultural Conversations

Ed Psy 330

Introduction to Learning and Development



Ed Psy 640

Human Development: Theory and Research

Couns 403

Overview of Counseling Skills

Couns 600

Introduction to Community Counseling

For graduate programs in school counseling, community counseling, school psychology, learning and development, and educational statistics and measurement, see The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Graduate School Bulletin.



Counseling (COUNS)

Educational Psychology (ED PSY)


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