UWM Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018

College of Letters and Science

Business of Media and Film Studies

Gilberto Blasini, Associate Professor of English and Film Studies Director, Coordinator
CRT 417, (414) 229-5912, gblasini@uwm.edu

The Certificate Program in Business of Media and Film Studies (BMFS) prepares students to be successful in their post-college careers by uniting the study of Business with the study of a popular, accessible, and pertinent area within the Humanities, Film Studies. Business students will have more sustained study in humanistic inquiry, both of their own field and of the diverse world that the Humanities investigates. Letters and Science students will have access to professional school curricula to help them be better equipped to enter a workforce that demands flexibility and a diversity of knowledge and experience.

The certificate in BMFS includes coursework engaging the financial and industry practices and structures in film and television. It is an interdisciplinary academic program consisting of an introductory course in Film or Television Studies, introductory courses in Business Administration (accounting, management, and marketing), an intermediate level Film Studies course focused on history and representational analysis, and a set of electives from Business Administration and Film Studies.

The program is open to all students seeking a bachelor’s degree from UWM, to students who previously earned a bachelor’s degree from UWM or any other accredited college or university, and to those who do not plan to pursue a college or university degree (non-degree students) but who have a strong interest in this subject.

To obtain the certificate, the student must complete, with a minimum grade point average of 2.50, a minimum of 18 credits in approved BMFS courses as indicated below, 15 of which must be earned in residence at UWM. Of these 15 residence credits, 9 must be taken at the 300 level or above. Nine credits must be taken in the College of Letters and Science. Nine credits must be taken in the Lubar School of Business. Courses for the certificate may not be taken on a credit/no credit basis.

I. Required Courses: 12-13 credits

Students must complete 6-7 credits in the following Business Administration courses:

Bus Adm 201

Introduction to Financial Accounting




Bus Adm 230

Introduction to Information Technology Management


Bus Adm 360

Principles of Marketing


Students must complete 6 credits in the following English/Film Studies courses:

FilmStd 212

Intermediate Topics in Film Studies: Business on Film


English/FilmStd 290

Introduction to Film Studies



English/FilmStd 291

Introduction to TV Studies


II. Electives: 6 credits

Students must select one Bus Adm course and one English/Filmstd course from the following list of electives:

Bus Adm 330



Bus Adm 397

Marketing Internship


Bus Adm 461

Consumer Behavior


Bus Adm 465 International Marketing
Bus Adm 467 Marketing Seminar: (subtitle)
English/FilmStd 312 Advanced Topics in Film Studies: "Cinema and Digital Culture" subtitle
English/FilmStd 380 Media and Culture: (subtitle)
English/FilmStd 391 Television Theory and Criticism
English/FilmStd 393 Entertainment Industries: (subtitle)
English/FilmStd 394 Seminar in Mass Culture: (subtitle)

Credits earned at other institutions equivalent to courses in the certificate program may be accepted in partial fulfillment of the program requirements, subject to review by the Certificate Program Advisory Committee (BMFSAC). Students currently enrolled at UWM who have fulfilled some of the program’s requirements prior to the program’s approval may have their credits applied retroactively to the certificate program.

Awarding the Certificate
Students currently involved in baccalaureate studies at UWM who successfully complete the requirements of the certificate program will be awarded the certificate at the time of graduation. Other students will receive the certificate upon completion of the program requirements.



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