UWM Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018

College of Letters and Science

Business and Technical Communications

Rachel Spilka, Associate Professor of English, Coordinator
CRT 494, (414) 229-4500, spilka@uwm.edu

Many new employees find that their jobs in IT, business analysis, finance, accounting, and other common corporate functions involve far more communication and, in particular, writing than they anticipated. This Business and Technical Communications Certificate combines an innovative approach with practical skills in writing, research, communication, and technology, enabling students to accelerate their careers by developing exceptionally strong writing and communication skills for working in a broad range of contexts.

The Certificate, then, offers specialized training to employees and students who do not plan to be communication specialists, but whose jobs and job aspirations require significant communication skills. The structure and content of the certificate draw from faculty members’ workplace and consulting experiences together with their knowledge of the needs of industry professionals. The certificate is constructed so that students who complete it will be well-prepared for fundamental and advanced communication tasks in their current and future workplaces. To that end, the certificate coursework covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Business and Technical Communications
  • Advanced Business and Technical Communications
  • Strategic Writing for Organizations
  • Information Design
  • Technical Communications and Organizational Leadership
  • Project Management

Program Eligibility
Students who wish to enroll in the Certificate must be admitted to UWM and will have to meet the basic prerequisites of the courses that are equivalent to each given competency set. For English 206, that will mean having passed or tested out of English 102. All other courses in the Certificate require English 206 as a prerequisite.

Program Requirements
To obtain the certificate, students first must complete English 206, after which they may study the additional competency sets in any order. Completing the Certificate means having gained credit in all six courses, with a minimum grade point average of 2.500. Students also must meet College of Letters and Science residency requirements, which means that at least nine of their Certificate upper-level (numbered 300 and above) credits must be earned at UWM.

  • English 206: Technical Writing
  • English 428: Strategic Writing for Organizations
  • English 429: Technical Communications and Organizational Leadership
  • English 435: Advanced Professional Writing
  • English 437: Project Management
  • English 439: Information Design

Awarding the Certificate
Students concurrently completing a bachelor’s degree receive the Certificate upon completion of their degree requirements; post-baccalaureate special students and non-degree students will be awarded the Certificate upon successful completion of all program requirements.


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