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Global Studies

The College of Letters and Science, together with several of UWM's professional schools, offers a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies. This degree is designed to combine the acquisition of leadership, management, and communication skills with an in-depth understanding of global issues. Students in this program will be uniquely prepared for careers in an increasingly integrated world. The program is administered through the Center for International Education.

For additional information on the Global Studies degree, see the Global Studies Degree Program description in the Inter-School/College Programs section of this catalog.

The College of Letters and Science offers a minor in Global Studies.

Course of Study: Minor in Global Studies

The Global Studies Minor consists of at least 18 credits, distributed as follows:

Global Studies Core Courses
6 credits from the following course list are required. It is recommended that the core coursework be completed prior to Global Content coursework.

Global 101 Introduction to Global Studies I: People and Politics (SS)
Global 201 Introduction to Global Studies II: Economics and the Environment (SS)
Global 202 Introduction to Global Studies III: Globalization and Information Technology (SS)

Foreign Language
At least four university-level semesters of a single foreign language are required. Retrocredits may be used to fulfill this requirement. (Note that a placement test must be taken and at least one 3-credit, university-level foreign language course must be completed successfully in order to earn retrocredits, according to foreign language departmental requirements.)

Study Abroad
At least 3 credits of an overseas academic experience, or an internship outside of the U.S. approved by a Global Studies advisor, are required.

Global Content Electives
6 credits are required, chosen from the electives list below.

Distribution of Credits
A minimum of 9 credits for the minor must be taken at the 300 level or above. These credits can include foreign language or additional study abroad coursework. At least 9 credits must be completed in residence at UWM. Credits earned in a UWM study abroad or exchange program count toward this requirement. No more than 9 credits from another major, minor, or certificate program may be counted toward the Global Studies minor.

Graduation Requirements
The College requires that students achieve at least a 2.500 cumulative GPA on all credits in the minor attempted at UWM. In addition, students must attain a 2.500 GPA on all minor credits attempted, including transfer work. The program also requires students to complete an exit survey prior to graduation. See the Global Studies information in the Inter-School/College section of the catalog for details on completion of the exit survey.

Approved Global Content Electives
Additional electives may be approved by a Global Studies advisor.

Africol 232 Survey of African Societies and Cultures
Africol 311 African Religious Thought and Social Organizations
Africol 320 Black Cultures in Latin America and the Caribbean
Africol 329 Problems and Prospects of U.S./Africa Economic Relations
Africol 565 Selected Texts/Topics in Africology: (with appropriate subtitle)

AIS 362 System Failure: Globalization and Language Extinction (jointly offered with Anthro and Global)

Anthro 250 Women's Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective   
Anthro 3xx "Peoples and Cultures" series
Anthro 349 Seminar in Ethnography and Cultural Processes
Anthro 355 Globalization, Culture, and the Environment
Anthro 362 System Failure: Globalization and Language Extinction (jointly offered with AIS and Global)
Anthro 443 Medicine and Pharmaceuticals in the Global Age (jointly offered with Global)
Anthro 543 Cross-Cultural Study of Religion

Commun 350 Intercultural Communication
Commun 450 Advanced Intercultural Communication
Commun 550 International and Global Communication
Commun 631 Current Topics in Interpersonal Communication/Conflict Management: (with appropriate subtitle)
Commun 655 Cultural Training and Adjustment
Commun 675 Communication in International Mediation and Peacebuilding

CES 210 Introduction to Conservation and Environmental Science

CompLit 230 Literature and Society: (with appropriate subtitle)
CompLit 360 Seminar in Literature and Cultural Experience: (with appropriate subtitle)

Crm Jst 291 Current Issues in Criminal Justice: “International Terrorism” subtitle

Econ 256 Emerging Markets and Comparative Systems       
Econ 351 Introduction to International Economic Relations
Econ 353 Economic Development
Econ 454 International Trade
Econ 455 International Finance         

English 316 World Cinema: (subtitle)

Ethnic 250 Selected Topics in Ethnic Studies (with appropriate subtitle)

FilmStd 350 Global Jewish Film and Television: (subtitle) (jointly offered with Jewish)
FilmStd 412 Global Cinemas – Cinematic Practices in the Context of Globalization: (subtitle)

French 421 Undergraduate Seminar in French Studies (with appropriate subtitle)
French 426 Growing Up French
French 432 Seminar in French and Francophone Cultures: (with appropriate subtitle)
French 450 Institutions and Cultures of Contemporary France

Geog 213 Geography of Asia
Geog 225 The Language of Maps
Geog 309 Nationalities and Nations of the World
Geog 330 Europe: East and West
Geog 350 Conservation of Natural Resources
Geog 400 Geography of Population
Geog 462 Cultural Geography of Latin America
Geog 464 Environmental Problems
Geog 470 Geography of South Asia
Geog 540 Globalization and the City

German 334 Introduction to German Literature and Culture
German 391 German Literature/Culture in Relation to Social and Historical Issues: (with appropriate subtitle)
German 410 German Cultural History
German 411 Modern-Day Germany
German 415 Topics in German Civilization: (with appropriate subtitle)

Global 311 Contexts for Global Management
Global 321 The Global City in History
Global 351 Language, Media, and Social Practice
Global 362 System Failure: Globalization and Language Extinction (jointly offered with AIS and Anthro)
Global 371 Rethinking Global Security
Global 421 Social Justice in the Global City
Global 443 Medicine and Pharmaceuticals in the Global Age (jointly offered with Anthro)
Global 447 The Global Politics of Human Rights
Global 448 Intellectual Property in the Global Information Economy
Global 451 Access, Security, and Intercultural Contexts in Global Communication
Global 471 Strategies for Realizing Security
Global 541 (411) Cross-Cultural Management
Global 551 Global Communications Capstone: Future Trends
Global 571 Global Security Capstone: Future Trends
Global 699 Independent Study (1-3 cr)*

* With approval of Global Studies advisor.

Hebr St 254 Studies in Hebrew Culture: (with appropriate subtitle)

Hist 282 The Modern Middle East in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Hist 283 Arab-Israeli Relations: The Search for Peace
Hist 287 The Vietnam War
Hist 345 The Modern Balkans: Nationalism, War, and Democracy
Hist 372 Topics in Global History: (with appropriate subtitle)
Hist 378 Revolution in China
Hist 382 Southeast Asia: The Age of Imperialism and Revolution Since 1800
Hist 392 The History of Southern Africa
Hist 393 History of Mexico
Hist 395 History of Japan Since 1600
Hist 434 The United States as a World Power in the 20th Century

Italian 229 Italian Cinema
Italian 245 Italian Fictions: (subtitle)
Italian 258 Contemporary Italian Society and Culture
Italian 265 Italian Women's Studies: (with appropriate subtitle)
Italian 312 Contemporary Italian Language and Culture
Italian 357 Topics in Italian Culture in Translation: (with appropriate subtitle)
Italian 457 Topics in Italian Literature and Culture in Translation: (with appropriate subtitle)
Italian 537 Topics in Italian Culture in Translation: (with appropriate subtitle)
Italian 629 Major Film Directors: (with appropriate subtitle)

JAMS 562 Media Studies and Culture
JAMS 620 Global Media Systems

PeaceSt 201 Introduction to Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

Philos 204 Introduction to Asian Religions   

Polish 236 Polish Culture in Its Historical Setting

Pol Sci 300 Western European Politics
Pol Sci 302 Politics of Eastern Europe
Pol Sci 310 Russian and Post-Soviet Politics
Pol Sci 316 International Law
Pol Sci 325 Latin American Politics
Pol Sci 327 Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
Pol Sci 330 Politics of International Economic Relations
Pol Sci 337 International Organizations and the UN (or UN Summer Seminar)
Pol Sci 339 European Integration
Pol Sci 340 Politics of Nuclear Weapons
Pol Sci 343 Asian International Relations
Pol Sci 346 U.S.-Latin American Relations
Pol Sci 359 Problems of American Foreign Policy
Pol Sci 362 Ethics and International Relations
Pol Sci 365 Theories and Methods in International Politics
Pol Sci 370 International Conflict
Pol Sci 371 Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
Pol Sci 423 Conduct of American Foreign Affairs

Portugs 225 Understanding Brazil: (with appropriate subtitle)
Portugs 360 Brazilian Culture

Russian 225 Contemporary Slavic Civilization
Russian 245 Russian Life and Culture

Sociol 235 Social Change in the Global Economy
Sociol 290 International Migration: (with appropriate subtitle)
Sociol 452 Social Networks in Global Commerce

Spanish 225 Understanding the Hispanic World
Spanish 361 Spanish Culture
Spanish 363 Spanish-American Culture
Spanish 461 (365) Topics in Hispanic Culture: (with appropriate subtitle)

WGS 401 Global Feminisms



Global Studies (GLOBAL)


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