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Literature in Translation

A literature-in-translation course ordinarily involves the study in English translation of assigned literary works from a single foreign language. Courses in which English translations of literary works from more than one foreign language are assigned and studied may be offered by a department in which two or more foreign languages are taught or by the Comparative Literature program. Literature-in-translation courses are offered for students who do not have a command of the respective foreign languages and who wish to acquaint themselves with the literature in those languages. Each course is taught by an instructor who knows the original language(s) well and is able to discuss knowledgeably the relative strengths and weaknesses of the translations used in the course.

All the courses listed below carry credit as electives. The courses in classics may be used to fulfill the requirements for the classical civilization concentration. Courses in Italian may be used to fulfill the requirements for option B of the major in Italian. None of these courses carries foreign language credit.

In the list below, courses are identified only by curricular area, number, and title. For the specific content and prerequisites of each course, see its listing under the originating department elsewhere in this catalog.

Classic 192

First-Year Seminar: (with appropriate subtitle)

Classic 201

Introduction to Greek Life and Literature

Classic 202

Introduction to Roman Life and Literature

Classic 260

Classical Utopias

Classic 301

The Life and Literature of Classical Athens: Herodotus and Dramatists

Classic 302

War and Politics in Ancient Greece

Classic 303

The Life and Literature of the Roman Empire

Classic 304

The Graeco-Roman World: (subtitle)

Classic 375

Origins and Survivals of Classical Myth

Classic 390

Egyptian Mythology

CompLit 133

Contemporary Imagination in Literature and the Arts

CompLit 135

Cross-Cultural Literary Forms: (subtitle)

CompLit 207

World Literature in Translation: Antiquity Through the 1600s

CompLit 208

World Literature in Translation: The 17th to the 21st Century

CompLit 230

Literature and Society: (subtitle)

CompLit 231

Literature and Religion: (subtitle)

CompLit 232

Literature and Politics: (subtitle)

CompLit 233

Literature and Film: (subtitle)

CompLit 240

Norse Mythology

CompLit 241

Viking Literature in Translation: The Runes, Eddas, and Sagas

CompLit 309

Great Works of Modern Culture: (subtitle)

CompLit 320

Mediaeval Literature and Culture: (subtitle)

CompLit 321

Renaissance Literature and Culture: (subtitle)

CompLit 333

Dante's Divine Comedy in Translation

CompLit 360

Seminar in Literature and Cultural Experience: (subtitle)

CompLit 410

Classical Backgrounds of Modern Literature: (subtitle)

CompLit 444

Myths, Legends, and Poems of the Celts

CompLit 533 Seminar in Trends in Modern Literature: "Development of the Arabic Novel" subtitle

French 145

Views of France: (subtitle)

French 257

Literature of the French-Speaking World in Translation: (subtitle)

French 357

Literature of the French-Speaking World in Translation: (subtitle)

French 457

Topics in French and Francophone Literature in Translation: (subtitle)

German 160

Masterpieces of German Literature in Translation: (subtitle)

German 270

German Myths and Legends: (subtitle)

German 301

German Authors in Translation: (subtitle)

German 305

German Life and Literature: (subtitle)

HebrSt 231

Introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible

HebrSt 232

Survey of the Literature of the Post-Biblical Period

HebrSt 234

Survey of Modern Hebrew and Jewish Literature in Translation

HebrSt 235

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible

HebrSt 236

The Biblical World

HebrSt 274

Ancient Egyptian Civilization

HebrSt 331

Topics in Biblical Literature: (subtitle)

HebrSt 332

Women in the Bible

HebrSt 381

Honors Seminar: (subtitle)

HebrSt 417

Hebrew Children's Literature in Translation

HebrSt 418

Modern Hebrew Drama in Translation

HebrSt 419

Contemporary Israeli Poetry in Translation

Italian 145

Views of Italy: (subtitle)

Italian 155

Masterpieces of Italian Literature in Translation

Italian 265

Italian Women's Studies: (subtitle)

Italian 333

Dante's Divine Comedy in Translation

Italian 357

Topics in Italian Culture in Translation: (subtitle)

Polish 259

Survey of Polish Literature in Translation: Baroque Through Romanticism

Polish 260

Survey of Polish Literature in Translation: 1863 to the Present

Portugs 380

Luso-Brazilian Literature in Translation: (subtitle)

Russian 140

Introduction to Russian Literature in Translation

Russian 235

Survey of Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature in Translation

Russian 236

Survey of Twentieth-Century Russian Literature in Translation

Russian 240

Soviet Literature in Translation

Russian 350

Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy in Translation: Major Works

Russian 360

Bulgakov, Pasternak, and Solzhenitsyn in Translation

Russian 385

Honors Seminar: (subtitle)

Spanish 380

Spanish Literature in Translation: (subtitle)

Spanish 381

Honors Seminar: (with appropriate subtitle)

Spanish 383

Spanish American Literature in Translation: (subtitle)



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