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Urban Studies Certificate

James Harris, Associate Director, Urban Studies Programs, Coordinator, BOL 702, (414) 229-4629, jmh@uwm.edu

The Certificate in Urban Studies provides the undergraduate student with a coordinated core of courses that focus on urban issues and policy alternatives examined from a variety of humanistic, social scientific, and professional perspectives. Particular emphasis is placed on the impact of gender, racial, and ethnic diversity within the context of urban policy choices and delivery. This certificate will be of interest especially to those students considering careers in urban areas and as a supplement to majors in the arts and sciences or professions.

The urban studies certificate program is open to all students seeking a bachelor's degree from UWM, to students who previously have received a bachelor's degree from UWM or any other accredited college or university, and to those who do not plan to pursue a college or university degree (non-degree students) but who have a strong interest in this subject. To be admitted to the University as non-degree students, individuals must meet regular University admission requirements.

Program Requirements

  1. Completion of 18 credits in approved urban studies courses with a minimum GPA of 2.500.
  2. Completion of Urb Std 250 (Exploring the Urban Environment), Urb Std 193 (First-Year Seminar), or Urb Std 360 (Perspectives on the Urban Scene).
  3. Of the 18 credits, 6 must be in the humanities and 6 in the social sciences, and 9 must be at the 300 level or above taken in residence at UWM. It is recommended that the student also complete one course in the natural sciences.
  4. No more than 9 credits from any one department outside Urban Studies may count toward the certificate.
  5. A maximum of 6 credits in independent study may be taken. In the senior year, a student may plan an independent study course to synthesize previous work in urban studies.
  6. An internship in Urb Std 289 or 489 is recommended highly.
  7. While students may elect courses outside the College of Letters and Science to count toward the certificate, at least 12 credits must be completed in L&S courses, at least 6 of these at the 300 level or above.
  8. Credits earned at other institutions in equivalent urban studies programs and accepted by UWM as transfer credits may count in partial fulfillment of the certificate requirements.

Urban Studies Approved Courses

The following courses in the College of Letters and Science are approved to count toward the Urban Studies Certificate. Each semester, the Advisory Committee will review and approve variable content course sections for the Certificate. Contact the Urban Studies Program for the most current list of approved courses.

Africol 300

Urban Violence

Africol 319

History of Blacks in the American City

Africol 341

Black Politics and City Government

Africol 372

African American Literary Movements: Harlem Renaissance

Anthro 022

Ancient Cities of the Americas

Anthro 431

Urban Anthropology

Arch 584

Urban Landscape Architecture

ArtHist 106

Art Cities of Europe

ArtHist 360

Modern Architecture II: The Rise of Modern Architecture

ArtHist 361

Modern Architecture III: Contemporary Architecture

ArtHist 412

Cities and Sanctuaries of Ancient Greece

ArtHist 425

Romanesque Architecture

ArtHist 426

French Gothic Architecture

ArtHist 429

English Medieval Architecture

ArtHist 431

Renaissance Architecture in Italy

ArtHist 458

A Comparative History of Architecture and Urbanism: (subtitle)

ArtHist 459

American Architecture

ArtHist 461

Early Modern Architecture in the Midwest

ArtHist 462

Frank Lloyd Wright

CompLit 230

Literature and Society: (subtitle)


Literature and Politics: (subtitle)

Crm Jst 370

Criminal Justice Administration

Crm Jst 372

Criminal Justice Policy and Community

Dance 370

World Movement Traditions: “Hip Hop” subtitle

Econ 323

Urban Economics

Ed Pol 113

The Milwaukee Community

Ed Pol 114

Community Problems

Ed Pol 203

Communities and Neighborhoods in America

Ed Pol 401

Foundations of Community-Based Organizations

Ed Pol 500

Sociology and the Policy of Urban Communities and Schools

Ed Pol 503

Foundations of Community-Based Organizations

Ed Pol 507

Action Research on Milwaukee Institutions

English 248

Literature and Contemporary Life: “Mapping the City” subtitle

English 394

Theories of Mass Culture

Geog 114

Geography of Race

Geog 140

Our Urban Environment: Introduction to Urban Geography

Geog 297

Study Abroad: “Urban Environmental Changes in Guatemala” subtitle

Geog 440

City Systems and Metropolitan Areas

Geog 443

Cities of the World: Comparative Urban Geography

Geog 497

Study Abroad: “Urban Environmental Changes in Guatemala” subtitle

Geog 520

Physical Geography of the City

Geog 540

Globalization and the City

Geog 564

Urban Environmental Change and Social Justice

Geo Sci 465

Advanced Environmental Geology

Geo Sci 466

Advanced Environmental Geology Laboratory

German 647

Seminar on Themes and Motifs in German Literature: “Cities of the German-Speaking World” and “Stories from Urban Landscapes of Ireland and Germany” subtitles

Global 321

The Global City in History

Global 421

Cities in the Global Economy

Hist 192

Freshman Seminar: “Living in Ancient Rome” and “The Burbs: History of American Suburbs” subtitles

Hist 200

Historical Roots of Contemporary Issues: “Making of the American Ghetto” subtitle

Hist 303

A History of Greek Civilization: The Greek City-State

Hist 307

A History of Rome: The Republic

Hist 308

A History of Rome: The Empire

Hist 371

Topics in European History: “Rome in the Age of Constantine – Society and Culture” subtitle

Hist 404

Topics in American History: “The Wire” subtitle

Hist 436

Immigrant America Since 1880

Hist 440

History of the American Working Classes

Hist 450

Growth of Metropolitan Milwaukee

Hist 460

The History of Poverty in America

Hist 463

History of the American City

Hist 595

The Quantitative Analysis of Historical Data

Hist 600

Seminar in History: “American Suburban History” and “Milwaukee and the World” subtitles

Linguis 432

Urban Dialects

Philos 237

Technology, Values, and Society

Philos 355

Political Philosophy

Pol Sci 213

Urban Government and Politics

Pol Sci 387

Seminar in American Politics: “Municipal Finance” subtitle

Pol Sci 413

Governing Metropolitan Areas

Pol Sci 450

Urban Political Problems

Pol Sci 452

Administrative Law

Soc Wrk 205

Social Welfare: A Societal Imperative

Soc Wrk 206

Society, Poverty, and Welfare Programs

Soc Wrk 630

Women, Poverty, and Welfare Reform

Sociol 193

Freshman Seminar: “College in the City” subtitle

Sociol 224

American Minority Groups

Sociol 307

Industrial Sociology

Sociol 323

Perspectives on Latino Communities

Sociol 324

Comparative Race Relations

Sociol 325

Social Change

Sociol 330

Economy and Society

Sociol 377

Urbanism and Urbanization

Sociol 450

Environmental Sociology

Sociol 472

Population and Society

Sociol 495

Seminar in Sociology: “International Urban Sociology” subtitle

Sociol 603

Urban Minority Communities

Sociol 604

Research in Urban Minority Communities: (subtitle)

Sociol 610

Reproduction of Minority Communities

Theatre 305

The Theatre Experience: “Out and About in Milwaukee” subtitle


All U and U/G courses

Urb Std

All U and U/G courses

WGS 489

Internship in Women’s Studies

Awarding of Certificate

Students currently involved in baccalaureate studies who complete the requirements of the program successfully will be awarded the certificate at the time of graduation. Post-baccalaureate and non-degree students will receive the certificate upon successful completion of the program requirements.

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