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Peck School of the Arts


Peck School of the Arts Office of Student Services
(414) 229-4763


Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts Art, Dance, Music, Theatre

Bachelor of Fine Arts Art, Art Education, Dance, Film, Inter-Arts, Music, Music Education, Theatre

Master of Arts Art

Master of Fine Arts Art, Performing Arts (Dance and Film)

Master of Music (including Music Education)

Master of Science Art Education

The Peck School of the Arts includes five departments: Art & Design, Dance, Film, Music, and Theatre. Curricula are available for students interested in careers in the arts or in teaching at the elementary, secondary, or college level. An Inter-Arts major, which prepares the student for an interdisciplinary arts career, is also offered.

ATTENTION - Special Information Regarding Laptop Requirement in Peck School of the Arts Degree Programs.
All students entering the following degree programs/areas in the Peck School of the Arts are required to participate in the PSOA Laptop Program:

  • BFA/BA Art & Design;
  • BFA/BA Dance;
  • BFA Film;
  • BFA Music Composition and Technology Track in the Department of Music;
  • BFA Production and BA Theatre Education programs in the Department of Theatre; and
  • BFA Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology Track (IAT) of the Inter-Arts Program.

This includes students transferring from an institution external to UWM or from another UWM program, school, or college. Requirements will include either the purchase of or regular access to a laptop. The laptop must be equipped to enable students to effectively perform all required coursework, including that accomplished during class time. For additional information, please see requirements posted on the PSOA Laptop Requirement web page: uwm.edu/arts/apply/laptop.


New Freshmen. New freshmen must meet the general University admission requirements (as described in the front section of this catalog) in addition to specific department requirements. Admission to all music programs requires an audition and a theory placement examination. Admission to the Musical Theatre track of the Inter-Arts degree program requires a live audition interview. A portfolio of artworks is required by the Department of Art & Design. For details, please refer to the individual department sections of this catalog.

Transfer Students. Transfer students from other universities and colleges or UWM units are accepted by the Peck School of the Arts provided they meet the UWM admissions criteria and have a 2.0 cumulative GPA (on a 4-point scale). They must also meet the specific departmental audition requirements described above. Although a portfolio is not required for acceptance into the Department of Art & Design, the submission of a portfolio is helpful in evaluating a student's work for advanced placement.

Second Bachelor's Degree Candidates. Students with good scholastic records who wish to earn a second bachelor's degree in the Peck School of the Arts must obtain the recommendation of the Peck School of the Arts department in which they wish to major before they can be accepted. Upon acceptance, students must earn in residence a minimum of 30 credits beyond the studies for the first degree and must satisfy all curriculum requirements.

New Major Program. By choosing this program, students who have completed baccalaureate degrees at UWM or other accredited institutions may earn an additional major only. It is not necessary to complete all requirements for an additional baccalaureate degree or to observe the 30-credit-in-residence regulation. At present, the Departments of Art & Design, Dance, Film, and Music offer majors through this option.

Degree Requirements

Students must earn their last 30 credits in residence at UWM. Of this total, a minimum of 15 credits must be in advanced major subjects. Under extraordinary circumstances, a student may receive permission to earn a maximum of 9 credits of the last 30 credits at another college/university but must obtain the written approval of the Director of Student Services prior to enrollment in such courses.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre. Requires a total of 120 credits. To receive this degree, students must fulfill the requirements listed in Nos. 1-4 under the BFA degree below. See the individual department listings in this catalog for additional information.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art, Dance, Film, Inter-Arts, Music, or Theatre. Requires a total of 120-130 credits. To receive this degree students must:

1. Attain a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all university-level work;

2. Fulfill all the curriculum requirements of the School and of the departmental major, and the University's General Education Requirements;

3. Meet the specific departmental standards; and

4. Fulfill the residence requirements as detailed above.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Teacher Certification in Art or Music and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre with Teacher Certification. The BFA degree in Art Education or Music Education requires a total of 130 credits; the BA degree in theatre with teacher certification requires a total of 120 credits. To receive these degrees students must:

1. Attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75;

2. Fulfill all curriculum requirements of the School, of the departmental major, and the University's General Education Requirements;

3. Fulfill the certification requirements in human relations (see School of Education section of this catalog), developmental reading, and exceptional education (see Teacher Certification Program description below for details and admission requirements);

4. Fulfill the Act 31 certification requirement regarding "specific attention to the history, culture, and tribal sovereignty of the federally recognized American Indian tribes and bands located in this state" through selected coursework. Consult with the Director of Student Services for specific courses; and

5. Fulfill residence requirements as described above.

Post-baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program. Offered in art, music, and theatre. All applicants should consult the appropriate department chairperson concerning requirements in these programs.

Teacher Certification Program - Peck School of the Arts

Requirements for Employment, Licensing, or Professional Organizations. Students should be aware that some professions, occupations, and employers are subject to licensing and/or bonding requirements. When a course of study includes clinical or field training, practice teaching, internships, or the like, students may be subjected to a check of criminal conviction records, prior to acceptance of a student by the placement site. Students are responsible for obtaining the information necessary for them to become knowledgeable about these requirements and plan their studies accordingly. Please contact the appropriate department or program office for further information.

All PSOA teacher education students (art, music, theatre) are required to keep a portfolio of evidence to document satisfaction of PI 34 standards. Portfolio content is defined, evaluated, and reviewed by individual programs. Passing scores on the Praxis I and successful completion of K-12 required classes are required before admission to student teaching. Art, music, and theatre teacher education students are also required to pass the content test (Praxis II) prior to student teaching. See specific program for more information.

Admission Requirements. All students should submit an application to the Director of Student Services and confer with the education area head of their department.

Art education students may apply to the program upon completion of 30 credits if they have fulfilled the freshman year foundation courses in art and the requirements listed below.

Music education majors may apply upon completion of 58 credits and junior standing and the listed requirements.

Theatre teacher certification students may apply upon completion of the required 32-credit core in the major, junior standing, and the requirements listed below. In addition, theatre certification students must successfully pass an interview with theatre certification faculty.

All students must attain the following before making application to the teacher certification programs in art, music, and theatre:

Grade Point Average. 2.75.

Communication Competency. A grade of C or higher in one of the following: Commun 101 or 103.
The communicative abilities of students remain under constant review as a factor for retention in the program. Students experiencing communication difficulty may be remanded for remedial work. Students who have satisfactorily completed an interpersonal course at another college or university may request an evaluation of their communication status through the Department of Communication.

English Composition Requirement.
The English Composition Requirement is satisfied by earning a grade of C or higher in English 102 or its equivalent, or by scoring 637 or better on the English Placement Test (or an appropriate score as determined by the Department of English on the English ACT examination).

Mathematical Skills Requirement.
Must be demonstrated by achieving a placement code of at least 30 on the mathematics placement test, or by earning at least 3 credits with a grade of C or higher in Mathematical Sciences 103 (formerly 106), 105, 109/175, or equivalent courses.

Pre-Professional Skills Requirement (PPSR).
Must earn scores in Reading-175, Math-173, Writing-174. Registration forms are available in the Peck School of the Arts Office of Student Services.

Developmental Reading Course Requirement. All teachers of special subjects (e.g., music, art, theatre) wishing to be certified by the State of Wisconsin (K-12) must complete one course in developmental reading at the elementary or secondary level.

At present, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers CurrIns 343, for those interested in the elementary level, and CurrIns 545, for those interested in the secondary level. Only one of these 3-credit courses is necessary to fulfill the requirement. This course may be applied toward the core curriculum requirement.

Exceptional Education Requirement. Persons applying for an initial license to teach any subject in the elementary and secondary schools of Wisconsin after July 1, 1981, must have completed at least 3 credits or the equivalent study of exceptional education to be eligible for a license. See the Art, Dance, Music, or Theatre Department sections for appropriate course requirements.

Student Teaching. Eligibility for student teaching is determined by admission to the Teacher Certification Program of the Peck School of the Arts, departmental recommendation, and completion of all prerequisite courses and any other departmental requirements.

In general, education methods courses are not transferable from other institutions. These courses must be taken in residence. Other criteria include removal of all incompletes in required courses, compliance with the Human Relations Requirement, satisfactory class standing, health clearance, recommendation by the department, and submission of the student teacher application.

Applications to student teach during the first semester are due March 15; during the second semester, October 15. Application blanks are available in, and must be filed with, the Peck School of the Arts Office of Student Services. No applications will be accepted after these dates.

Teacher's License Applications. Students eligible for graduation are not automatically recommended for certification to the State Department of Public Instruction. They must first be approved for certification by their departments.

After all requirements for the BFA or BA degree with Teacher Certification or a post-baccalaureate degree certification program are completed, and the departmental approval is obtained, a student may apply for a state teacher's license. A Wisconsin Credential Application form is available from the Peck School of the Arts Office of Student Services, UWM, P.O. Box 413, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201, or from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, 126 Langdon Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53702.

The Department of Public Instruction conducts a criminal record check of each applicant for a teaching license. Based on this information, an applicant may be denied a license even if recommended for certification by the University.

Declaration of Submajor

In most instances, after two years of basic preparatory courses in the major, students choose an area of specialization within their respective departments, known as a submajor. Students must declare a submajor after they have accumulated 45 to 75 credits in order to assure completion of the appropriate curriculum requirements for graduation.

Academic Regulations

For information on actions on unsatisfactory grades and honors for scholarship, see Academic Information - University-wide Academic Action Policy, and Honors for Scholarship.

Semester Credit Load. A full-time Peck School of the Arts student is one who takes a minimum of 12 credits per semester. Normally, Peck School of the Arts students are not permitted to carry more than 18 credits per semester. Students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher may, with the permission of the Peck School of the Arts Office of Student Services, carry up to 21 credits per semester.

Program Changes. All program changes must be signed by the instructor and the Peck School of the Arts Office of Student Services.

No studio or performance courses may be dropped after the second week of classes without the written approval of the instructor and the department chairperson. Certain other courses may require this approval also and these will be indicated in the semester's Schedule of Classes.

For general information and instructions regarding program changes, see the Academic Information page.

Audit Courses. No studio or performance courses may be audited. For general information regarding the UWM audit policy, see Academic Opportunities.

Independent Study. Under special conditions, juniors and seniors are permitted to take courses in independent study. For regulations on independent study, see the departmental advisor.

Special Opportunities

Honors Program. The Peck School of the Arts confers a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honors degree upon those students who complete the University Honors Program. The "Honors" designation appears on both the diploma and transcript.

This program offers seminars and individualized instruction in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and natural sciences to qualified students who desire more intensive and individualized studies. Application forms and further information are available from the Honors College, Honors House 154, (414) 229-4658.

Foreign Study. The Peck School of the Arts looks favorably upon foreign educational experiences and encourages students to seek study abroad at accredited institutions. Every effort will be made to integrate such courses into a student's major program. Students should consult the departments involved prior to registration at a foreign university.

Periodically, the Department of Art & Design offers credit courses in foreign countries under the direction and instruction of Department of Art & Design faculty members.

The Arts Core Curriculum

In addition to the specific requirements of their majors, all Peck School of the Arts students must fulfill the core curriculum (45 cr), which includes competency in English composition and mathematical skills as described below. Students need not complete the core curriculum before registration in a professional program.

Students are expected to begin work in their major fields during the freshman year. Core courses are taken concurrently with the course sequence of the major. Any questions regarding core curriculum requirements or changes should be directed to the Peck School of the Arts Office of Student Services.

The core curriculum requires a minimum of 45 credits and includes the University's General Education Requirements.


Oral and Written Communication (OWC) Competency

OWC Part A: Completion of OWC Part A can be demonstrated by satisfying one of the following options:

  1. earning at least three credits with a grade of C or higher in English 102;* or
  2. transferring at least three credits with a grade of C or higher in a course equivalent to English 102 or higher level expository writing course;* or
  3. achieving an appropriate score on the English Placement Test (EPT).

OWC Part B: The OWC Part B is satisfied by completing an approved advanced course (at least three credits) with a significant written or oral communication component by students who have completed the Part A requirement.

Peck School of the Arts majors should contact the PSOA Student Services Office for information on the course in their major that will satisfy the OWC Part B requirement.

Quantitative Literacy (QL) Competency

QL Part A: Completion of QL Part A can be demonstrated by satisfying one of the following options:

  1. earning at least three credits with a grade of C or higher in Math 103 (formerly 106), 105, 175 or equivalent courses;* or
  2. achieving a placement code of at least 30 on the mathematics placement test.

QL Part B: The QL Part B is satisfied by completing at least one approved QL Part B course (at least three credits) as decided by the major. QL Part B courses make significant use of quantitative tools in the context of other course material.

* These courses may not be taken credit/no credit if they are to be used to satisfy the OWC Part A requirement or QL Part A requirement.

Foreign Language. Completion of the foreign language requirement can be demonstrated by satisfying one of the following options:

  1. complete with passing grades, prior to enrollment at UWM, at least two consecutive years of high school-level instruction in a single foreign language; or
  2. complete with passing grades at least two consecutive semesters (minimum of 6 credits) of college level instruction in a single foreign language; or
  3. demonstrate foreign language ability at least equivalent to No. 2 above by means of a satisfactory score on an approved placement, proficiency, departmental, or other appropriate examination.


Thirty credits of distribution requirements and electives chosen from any school or college outside the Peck School of the Arts:

Arts (appropriate courses earned in the major may satisfy)






Social Sciences



Natural Sciences



Cultural Diversity (May be met by any 3-credit course so designated and which has been approved for GER distribution in the humanities, social sciences, or the arts.)



Electives (depends upon the major)



Two courses, totaling 6 credits, must be taken in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. At least one of the natural science courses must include a laboratory or field experience. Courses that satisfy this distribution requirement are listed in the current Schedule of Classes. Special departmental curricula may specify certain courses to be included in the 30-credit requirement. Consult curriculum requirements.


Nine credits are required in Peck School of the Arts courses outside the student’s discipline, i.e., art, dance, film, music, or theatre. These credits are to be distributed as follows: Three credits must be taken in each of three Arts disciplines. In addition, three credits must be taken in any one of the five disciplines in the Peck School of the Arts at the discretion of the student's major department. (Do not confuse the term “discipline” with a concentration, e.g., ceramics, music performance, or costume construction, etc.)

A list of suggested courses to fulfill this requirement is available in the Peck School of the Arts Office of Student Services.

Free Electives: 3 Cr

Remaining credits (3) of the 45-credit total required may be elected from any area of the University, including Peck School of the Arts courses outside the student's discipline.

Faculty and Staff


Scott Emmons

Kimberly Cosier
Associate Dean

James Burmeister
Interim Assistant Dean

Amanda Obermeyer
Assistant Dean for Business Administration

Louis Molina
Assistant Dean of Student Services

Rebecca Christman
Assistant to the Dean


John Balsley, Prof. Emeritus, MFA

Kimberly Beckmann, Assoc. Prof., MFA
Cranbrook Academy of Art

Adream Blair, Assoc. Prof., MA
North Carolina State University

Marna Brauner, Prof. Emerita, MFA

Robert Burkert, Prof. Emeritus, MS

Kyoung Ae Cho, Prof., MFA, Chair
Cranbrook Academy of Art

Allison Cooke, Sr. Lect. Emerita, MFA

Kimberly Cosier, Prof., PhD, Assoc. Dean
Indiana University

Christopher Davis-Benavides, Prof., MFA
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Raoul Deal, Sr. Lect., MA
National School of Plastic Arts, UNAM (San Carlos)

Lee Ann Garrison, Assoc. Prof. Emerita, MFA

Robert Grame, Assoc. Prof., MFA
Kansas State University

Shelleen Greene, Assoc. Prof., PhD
University of California, Irvine

Karen Gunderman, Prof. Emerita, MFA

Rolf Hickman, Prof. Emeritus, MEd

Yevgeniya Kaganovich, Prof., MFA
State University of New York at New Paltz

Kay Knight, Assoc. Prof. Emerita, MFA

Charles Kraus, Prof. Emeritus, MFA

Frank G. Lutz, Prof. Emeritus, MFA

Jessica Meuninck Ganger, Assoc. Prof., MFA
Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Lisa Moline, Assoc. Prof., MFA
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Joseph Mougel, Asst. Prof., MFA
University of New Mexico

William Nichols, Prof. Emeritus, MFA

Josie Osborne, Sr. Lect., MFA
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Narendra Patel, Prof. Emeritus, MFA

Stephen Pevnick, Prof. Emeritus, MFA

Adolph Rosenblatt, Prof. Emeritus, BFA

Stephen B. Samerjan, Assoc. Prof. Emeritus, MFA

Denis Sargent, Prof. Emeritus, MFA

William Smith, Prof. Emeritus, PhD

Nathaniel Stern, Assoc. Prof., PhD
New York University

Leon Travanti, Prof. Emeritus, MFA

Leslie Vansen, Prof., MFA
University of Colorado

Christine Woywod, Asst. Prof., PhD
Northern Illinois University, Dekalb


Daniel Burkholder, Asst. Prof., MFA
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Ferne Caulker-Bronson, Prof. Emerita, BS

Simone Ferro, Prof., MFA
University of Iowa

Maria Gillespie, Asst. Prof., MFA
University of California, Los Angeles

Gloria Gustafson, Assoc. Prof. Emerita, BA

Mary Hibbard, Asst. Prof. Emerita

Danielle Kuepper, Sr. Lect., MFA
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Marcia Parsons, Prof., M.A.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Darci Brown Wutz, Prof., MFA, Chair
Smith College


Richard Blau, Prof. Emeritus, PhD

Carl Bogner, Sr. Lect., MFA
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Portia Cobb, Assoc. Prof., MA
San Francisco State University

Cecelia Condit, Prof., MFA
Tyler School of Art, Temple University

Rob Danielson, Assoc. Prof. Emeritus, MFA

Lori Felker, Asst. Prof., MFA
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Steven Foster, Prof. Emeritus, MFA

Kelly Kirshtner, Asst. Prof., PhD
University of California, Irvine

Diane Kitchen, Prof. Emerita, MFA

Jesse McLean, Asst. Prof., MFA
University of California, Irvine

Stephen Wetzel, Asst. Prof., MFA
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Iverson White, Assoc. Prof., MFA
University of California, Los Angeles

Rob Yeo, Assoc. Prof., MFA, Chair
School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Elena Abend, Sr. Lect., MM
The Juilliard School

Beverly Belfer, Sr. Lect., MM
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Barry Benjamin, Prof. Emeritus, BM

Efim Boico, Prof., Diploma
Gnessin Music School, Moscow, Russia

Jane Bowers, Prof. Emerita, PhD

Mitchell Brauner, Assoc. Prof. Emeritus, PhD

James Burmeister, Sr. Lect. and Interim Asst. Dean, MM
University of Michigan

John Climer, Prof., DMA
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Jennifer Clippert, Asst. Prof., DM
Northwestern University

Robert Cohen, Artist-in-Residence, Diploma
Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London

Wayne Cook, Prof. Emeritus, MS

Scott Corley, Sr. Lect., MM
University of Georgia

Margery Deutsch, Prof. Emerita, MM

Zachary Durlam, Asst. Prof., DMA
Michigan State University

William H. Duvall, Jr., Assoc. Prof. Emeritus, MMA

Thomas Dvorak, Prof. Emeritus, MM

Scott Emmons, Prof., PhD, Dean
Eastman School of Music

Valerie Errante, Assoc. Prof. Emerita, DMA

Ralph Evans, Prof., DMA
Yale University

Sheila Feay-Shaw, Assoc. Prof., PhD
University of Washington

Gregory Flint, Assoc. Prof., BM
Northwestern University

Robert Goodberg, Prof. Emeritus, MA

Curt Hanrahan, Sr. Lect., MM
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Gloria Hansen, Sr. Lect., MM
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Sharon A. Hansen, Prof. Emerita, DMA

Kevin Hartman, Prof., MM
Northwestern University

William Heinrichs, Assoc. Prof., PhD
University of Iowa

Juan-Miguel Hernandez, Artist-in-Residence, Graduate Diploma

New England Conservatory

Jerry Horner, Prof. Emeritus, MM

Rene Izquierdo, Assoc. Prof., MM
Yale University

Judit Jaimes, Prof. Emerita, BM

Stefan Kartman, Prof., MM
Juilliard School of Music

Jun Kim, Asst. Prof., DMA
University of Cincinnati

Abram Loft, Distinguished Prof. Emeritus, PhD

Franklin S. Miller, Assoc. Prof. Emeritus, PhD

Jonathan Monhardt, Sr. Inst. Spec., PhD
University of Iowa

Daniel Nelson, Prof. Emeritus, MM

Stephen Nelson-Raney, Sr. Lect. Emeritus, MMEd

Tim Noonan, Sr. Lect., PhD
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mary Pautz, Assoc. Prof. Emerita, PhD

Jeffry Peterson, Prof., MM
University of Illinois-Urbana

Gillian Rodger, Assoc. Prof., PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Tanya Kruse Ruck, Asst. Prof., MM
University of Cincinnati

William R. Schmid, Prof. Emeritus, PhD

John Stropes, Faculty Associate, BS
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Gregoria Karides Suchy, Prof. Emerita, MM

Robert K. Thompson, Prof. Emeritus, BM

Jon Welstead, Prof., PhD, Chair
University of Iowa

Yehuda Yannay, Prof. Emeritus, DMA

Bernard Zinck, Assoc. Prof., MM
The Juilliard School


Anne Basting, Prof., PhD
University of Minnesota

Richard H. Graham, Assoc. Prof., BFA
North Carolina School of Performing Arts

Christopher Guse, Assoc. Prof., BFA
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Rebecca Holderness, Assoc. Prof., MFA
Columbia University

Anthony Horne, Assoc. Prof., MFA
University of Memphis

Jeffrey Lieder, Prof., MFA
Ohio State University

Michelle Lopez-Rios, Assoc. Prof., MFA
University of Houston

Raeleen McMillion, Sr. Lect., MFA
Ohio University

Robin Mello, Assoc. Prof., PhD
Lesley University

Corliss E. Phillabaum, Prof. Emeritus, PhD

Alvaro Saar Rios, Asst. Prof., MFA
Northwestern University

Pamela Schermer, Assoc. Prof., MFA
Queens College

LeRoy Stoner, Assoc. Prof., MA, Chair
Indiana University

Sandra Strawn, Prof., BSE
Emporia State University

Jewel Walker, Prof. Emeritus

William Watson, Assoc. Prof., MFA
University of Washington

Stephen White, Sr. Lect., MFA
Northwestern University


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