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UWM Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

School of Architecture and Urban Planning


Student Advising Office
Architecture and Urban Planning Building, Room 225
(414) 229-4015


Bachelor of Science Architectural Studies

Master of Architecture

Master of Urban Planning

Doctor of Philosophy Architecture

The School of Architecture and Urban Planning at UWM offers the only professional program in architecture in Wisconsin that is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board; one of the two graduate planning programs in the state accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB) of the American Planning Association; and one of very few doctoral programs in architecture in the United States. As the urban center of the state with strong ethnic communities, Milwaukee makes an appropriate setting for the study of architecture and urban planning.

In addition to the degrees listed above, the School offers a Master of Architecture/Master of Urban Planning, a coordinated professional degree program designed for persons seeking integrated study in both areas. A Ph.D. in Architecture is offered for persons who seek careers in research and teaching in architecture and allied fields, in consulting, or in roles in government and professional practice requiring advanced skills and research experience.

Most states require that an individual intending to become an architect hold an accredited degree. There are two types of degrees that are accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board: (1) the Bachelor of Architecture, which requires a minimum of five years of study, and (2) the Master of Architecture, which requires a minimum of three years of study following an unrelated bachelor’s degree or two years following a related preprofessional bachelor’s degree. These professional degrees are structured to educate those who aspire to registration/licensure as architects.

The four-year, preprofessional degree, where offered, is not accredited by NAAB. The preprofessional degree is useful for those wishing a foundation in the field of architecture, as preparation for either continued education in a professional degree program or for employment options in architecturally related areas.

Requirements for Employment, Licensing, or Professional Organizations. Students should be aware that some professions, occupations, and employers are subject to licensing and/or bonding requirements. When a course of study includes clinical or field training, practice teaching, internships, or the like, students may be subjected to a check of criminal conviction records, prior to acceptance of a student by the placement site. Students are responsible for obtaining the information necessary for them to become knowledgeable about these requirements and plan their studies accordingly. Please contact the appropriate department or program office for further information.

Faculty and Staff


Robert Greenstreet

Stephen Heidt
Assistant Dean, Business Affairs

Joan Simuncak
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Graduate Advisor

Tammy Taylor
Undergraduate Administrator


Jasmine Benyamin, Asst. Prof., Ph.D.
Princeton University

Chris T. Cornelius, Assoc. Prof., M.Arch.
University of Virginia

Kevin Forseth, Assoc. Prof. Emeritus, M.Arch.

Robert Greenstreet, Prof., Ph.D., Dean
Oxford Brookes University

Donald L. Hanlon, Prof., M.Arch.
University of Washington

Nancy Hubbard, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D.
Northwestern University

Thomas C. Hubka, Prof. Emeritus, M.Arch.

Raymond Isaacs, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D.
University of California, Berkeley

Frederick Jules, Prof. Emeritus, M.Arch.

Mark Keane, Assoc. Prof., M. Arch.
University of Illinois

Linda R. Krause, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D., Associate Dean
Yale University

Grace La, Assoc. Prof., M.Arch.
Harvard Graduate School of Design

Jeffrey Ollswang, Prof. Emeritus, M.Sc.

Harvey Rabinowitz, Prof., M.Arch.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Amos Rapoport, Distinguished Prof. Emeritus, M.Arch.

Kyle Reynolds, Asst. Prof., M.Arch.
Princeton University

Douglas Ryhn, Prof. Emeritus, M.S.

Brian Schermer, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D.
University of Michigan

Anthony Schnarsky, Assoc. Prof. Emeritus, M.Arch.

Arijit Sen, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D.
University of California, Berkeley

James W. Shields, Assoc. Prof., M.Arch.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Gil Snyder, Assoc. Prof., M.Arch., Associate Dean
Columbia University

Manu Sobti, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D.
Georgia Institute of Technology

Josef Stagg, Assoc. Prof., D.Arch.
University of Michigan

Kyle Talbott, Assoc. Prof., M.Arch.
Texas A&M

Gregory Thomson, Asst. Prof., M.Arch.
University of Oregon

Michael Utzinger, Assoc. Prof., M.S. Engr.
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Karl Wallick, Asst. Prof., M.Arch.
University of Pennsylvania

James H. Wasley, Assoc. Prof., M.Arch., Chair
Rice University

Gerald Weisman, Prof., Ph.D
University of Michigan

Larry Witzling, Prof., Ph.D.
Cornell University

Maureen Zell, Asst. Prof., M.Arch.
Yale University

Urban Planning

Ernest Alexander, Prof. Emeritus, Ph.D.

Nancy Frank, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D., Chair
State University of New York at Albany

Kirk Harris, Asst. Prof., Ph.D.
Cornell University

William Huxhold, Prof., M.S.
University of Dayton

Joseph Mangiamele, Prof. Emeritus, Ph.D.

Welford Sanders, Adjunct Asst. Prof., MURP
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Robert Schneider, Asst. Prof., Ph.D.
University of California Berkeley

Sammis White, Prof., Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014:
School of Architecture and Urban Planning
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