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Future Alumni Network (FAN)
Students Today – Alumni Tomorrow – Panthers Forever

Why join FAN?
FAN is a great way to make connections that will last a lifetime. Joining FAN allows you to create friendships and partnerships with students and alumni, while also getting you involved with campus pride and traditions. If you are a student looking to show off school spirit we are the student org for you.

What FAN does
FAN is the gateway to showing your school pride with not only fellow students, but with alumni as well. We bridge the gap between alumni and students in order to create a sense of belonging amongst the two. Students, are not just Panthers while they are in classes, they are Panthers for life. Students and alumni are extremely similar in their goals and their love for their university so we want to make the connection and bring together the two groups in order to create a welcoming and growing campus and learning environment. FAN works with students and alumni to create events the promote Panther Pride and networking in the university. Connecting students and alumni, while also promoting school spirit is our goal. UWM is your home for life and we want students and alumni to feel involved.

Impact on UWM
We are a new group on campus and we are looking to expand. At the moment we have 11 team leaders and 40 members among us. We currently have events taking place to promote school spirit and get students into the FAN mindset. We are also beginning new projects such as job shadows to get students involved with alumni in the area.

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Panther Pride Crew

 We serve as UWM’s tradition keepers and tradition makers. Our goal is to create new events on campus that help spread Panther Pride and provide a welcoming campus and engaging community for all of UWM. We create connections with alumni and students in our events while passing on traditions to new hands each year.

Alumni Connections Crew

 We bridge the gap between students and alumni. We create events on and off campus that promote networking and allow the alumni to contribute to the development of new leaders on campus with their advice and insight.We work with alumni to also strengthen the bond between students and alumni with hopes of creating future connections for all students on campus.

Community Service Team

We are all about contributing to the UWM civic mission as well as the Milwaukee community. We want to act as a bridge between the two communities and give back to those who help shape who we are today. We work with alumni and students on campus to create events that promote giving back and donating our time to help with the success of others.
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