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Students Today – Alumni Tomorrow – Panthers Forever

What is FAN?
The Future Alumni Network (FAN) is the student-based extension of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Alumni Association.
Who are FANs?
FANs are part of a prestigious group of enthusiastic leaders, dedicated to enhancing the connection between students—past, present, and future. As FANs, you will be UWM’s tradition keepers and tradition makers, utilizing the connection with alumni to keep UWM history alive and Panther Pride ever growing and evolving! 

Why join FAN?
As a part of FAN, you will have a wide variety of benefits, advantages, and support:

  • Unique leadership opportunities – FANs will lead the charge in creating a welcoming, spirited campus community and spreading Panther Pride within the student body and to UWM alumni.
  • A robust and supportive alumni network – FANs will get to meet and connect with successful, outstanding UWM alumni to build a network of mentors and role models to support you while you are here at UWM and once you graduate and become alumni.
  • Cool FAN gear – Not only will FANs get great Panther gear to show your school spirit but the founding leaders will have the opportunity to help in the design and creation of the FAN image and materials.
  • UWMAA support – FANs will have access to UWMAA resources and staff support, such as leadership training, support of recruitment efforts, marketing and communications tools, and event planning resources. 
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How to get involved in FAN?
Join one of the teams below:

Panther Pride Crew
  • Serve as UWM’s tradition keeps & tradition makers
  • Create and spread Panther Pride
  • Work to foster  a welcoming campus and engaging community at UWM
Fundraising Team
  • Create events, programs, and campaigns to fundraise with students and alumni
  • Identify ways to utilize monies raised to contribute to campus, spread FAN awareness, and engage students and alumni
Alumni Connections Crew
  • Identify ways to connect UWM students and alumni
  • Plan events and programs with UWM alumni to support the leadership and professional development of students
Community Service Team
  • Help FAN give back to the UWM campus and greater Milwaukee community
  • Work with alumni and students to create volunteer and service opportunities


Contact Elizabeth Mueller, Alumni Engagement Officer for the UWMAA, at 414-229-3266 or with questions or to be added to the Future Alumni Network Leader interest list.