University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


Suzanne Caulfield

PhD Engineering `07, MS Engineering `00 caulfield

 Research Engineer in the Applied Research Group, Briggs & Stratton Corporation, Milwaukee, WI

Suzanne is a top-notch researcher with her work leading to new advancements in technology for her employer, Briggs & Stratton Corp.  Her expertise is in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics, engine modeling and numerical methods.  Some sample projects include:  introduced modeling conjugate heat transfer in engine cooling models; used experimental methods to verify a casting process was adequate; used high-speed filming to investigate the droplet breakup mechanism in a carburetor; and researched the most appropriate method to model the droplet breakup mechanism. In addition, Suzanne has made significant efforts to enhance UWM's instructional program by donating equipment for the College's senior design projects through Briggs & Stratton Corp.