University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


David A. Ciepluch

Master of Urban Planning `01, BA Letters & Science '82

Energy Efficient Project Strategist, WE Energies, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

David’s efforts have helped change the environment and improved our communities. He was the first USGB  Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certified professional at his company accreditation and has led many LEED seminars in Milwaukee.  He was instrumental in the company’s leadership in recycling, prairie planting, wetland restoration, and involvement with the Global Reporting Initiative, where We Energies was one of the first in the industry to measure their sustainability performance. He has designed programs for low income customers to enable them to become more self sufficient and reduce their energy bills. David has helped to restore the Menomonee River Valley.  Each spring he is the site captain for the river clean-up in the valley, organizing up to 100 volunteers for trash clean-up and tree planting.  He is active with the Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, and helped create Turnkey Renovation Program which purchases vacant and blighted foreclosed homes, renovates them to a superior energy efficiency standard and then sells the homes to new buyers at an affordable price. And, David championed the rain garden project in Holler Park.