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2013-2014 News and Announcements

Milage TER Policy (12/14/13)

As of today, if you are submitting a Travel Expense Report (TER) for mileage, please submit a print-out of your route from MapQuest or Google Maps and attach it to your TER.  If the mileage you request on your TER is different from the print-out of your route (e.g. you used your odometer reading), please document the reason for the difference. 

For SOE staff members who are supervising students at multiple locations, a print-out of each route will be needed to process your TER.

This change is being made to ensure that TERs with mileage claims are being processed with utmost efficiency and in a manner that is consistent with UWM's Account's Payable Office's existing procedures.

Overload Policy Change (9/16/13)

Earlier this month UWS HR Directors were informed of a change to the Unclassified Personnel Guieline (UPG 4) related to overloads. For the next year, each campus will adhere to the revised UPG 4 language which states: "Overload compensation may not exceed the higher of 20 percent of the employee's base appointment salary or $18,000, unless the chancellor or designee determine that good cause exists to exceed this threshhold and issues an exception in writing."Thi year's cap will cover any overload payments made between July 1, 2013 and june 30, 2014 (including winterim overloads, but not including summer 3/9s). This policy is subject to change next fiscal year.

Please see the current overload form on the HR web site.

Questions?  For SOE, contact Tanya Depp at  For HBSSW, contact Chris Cigale at

Network Equipment Maintenance (8/28/13)

UITS will be doing an upgrade to the network software that supports the wired and wireless networks in Enderis. The upgrade is expected to start at 10pm on Thursday (8/29/13) and be done around 10:45pm.

During this time building occupants can leave their computers on.  If you experience problems the following morning, a reboot may be required. If you continue to have problems please contact BATO-IT.

Questions? Contact BATO-IT at or x6115

For additional information, please contact Jill Baum at or (414) 229-7220.

P-Card Documentation and Record Keeping (8/14/13)

The University of Wisconsin System recently updated its Purchasing Card Policy & Procedure Manual on July 1, 2013. This is a friendly reminder about cardholder's and supervisor's ongoing responsibility for documenting and reviewing purchasing card transactions in accordance with UW System and UWM policy. 

Purchasing Cardholder 
    * Cardholders must attach original receipts to the cardholder's bi-weekly Visa statement. 
    * Cardholders must sign the cardholder's statement thus certifying that the purchases are for use in state business and comply with appropriate rules and regulations. 
    * Cardholders must obtain their supervisor's signature on the statement. 

Purchasing Cardholder Supervisor 
    * Supervisors must review the Visa statement and the accompanying receipts submitted by the cardholder. 
    * Supervisors must indicate their review of purchases by signing the cardholder's statement . 
    * Supervisors should provide the signed cardholder statement with attached receipts to department office support staff for safekeeping. The statement and receipts must be available for review during audits of the transactions.  

Office/Administrative Support for an Academic Department 
    * Once signed by the Supervisor, the cardholder's statement and accompanying receipts must be maintained in a secure location in the Department for six years. The statements and receipts must be available for review during audits of the transactions. 

For additional information, please contact Jill Baum at or (414) 229-7220. 

Solicitation in Enderis Hall (7/22/13)

Enderis Hall occupants have recently reported two individuals going from office-to-office asking employees if they have books they would like to sell. This kind of activity is soliciting which is prohibited in campus buildings. UWM's Legal Affairs has confirmed that both buying and selling items is considered solicitation per campus policy.

If you encounter individuals trying to buy books or other items, Legal Affairs recommends that you contact University Police at the non-emergency extension x4627.  Also, if you receive emails please do not respond.

Meal Allowance Increase (7/3/213) 

The Joint Committee on Employment Relations approved the 2013 - 2015 Compensation Plan.  The plan includes changes to travel policy and rates that become effective July 1, 2013.  The changes follow:

  • Travelers on international business trips can be reimbursed for personal calls up to $10 per day.
  • The in-state meal maximums, effective July 1, 2013 are; $8 for breakfast, $10 for lunch and $20 for dinner.
  • The out-of-state meal maximums, effective July 1, 2013 are; $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch and $25 for dinner.

The new maximums apply to expenses incurred after July 1, 2013. 

Questions? Please contact Jill Baum at or x7220

Payment Process Checklist from BFS (7/2/13)

Please use the attached checklist when preparing PIRs, TERs, Travel Advances and Direct Payment Forms.  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated by both Pre-Audit and BATO.