University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Business Administration & Technology Operations

Budgeting, Financial Analysis, Accounting & Reporting

The responsibilities of BATO Budgeting, Financial Analysis, Accounting and Reporting include (but are not limited to) financial reporting, buyouts, non-salary cash transfers, budget development and analysis, WISDM access/assistance, and annual budgets.

In addition BATO performs pre-audit and proccesing of Academic Support Service Agreements (ASSA), Direct Charges, Direct Payments, Inter-Institutional Agreement Contracts, Miscellaneous Expense Reports, Moving Expense Payments, Payment to Individual Reports (PIR), Purchasing Card Applications (P-Card), Travel Advances, Travel Card Applications (T-Card) and Travel Expense Reporting (TER), and Tuition Reimbursement forms to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, policies, procedures and best practices.


BATO Contacts

Jill Baum, Finiancial Specialist, or 414-229-7220

Heather Lee, Accountant, or 414-229-2639

Jessica Russell, Accountant Journey, or 414-229-6290

Margie Anunson, Assistant Dean, or 414-229-5671