For Community

Building and strengthening community-university partnerships is a long-standing commitment of the Cultures and Communities Program, and the UWM Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research.  

Among the program's community engagement efforts are:

Community University Partnership Grants

These Community University Partnership (CUP) grants support innovative short term projects and events that promote partnerships between UWM and the diverse communities it serves. Since 1999, over 65 CUP grants have been awarded to a variety of community organizations and UWM faculty and staff for projects that span the disciplines and reach into many of Milwaukee’s neighborhoods. Grants support collaborations focusing on cross-cultural literacy, local/global perspectives on social and artistic issues, the relationship of science to culture and society, social justice through community development, environmental initiatives, gender issues, immigration and religious pluralism.

Socio-cultural Programing

Cultures and Communities helps to bring notable speakers in the arts, politics and education to UWM as a co-sponsor of socio-cultural programming on campus.

Imagining America: Scholars and Artists in Public Life

Imagining America: Scholars and Artists in Public Life, is a national consortium of colleges and universities committed to public scholarship in the arts, humanities, and design. Imagining America promotes scholarly and creative work carried out by university- community partners to produce a public good and/or contribute to public debate.