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Posting Jobs, Internships and Volunteer Positions

The CDC posts positions online through PantherJobs, in partnership with the national Experience Network. PantherJobs allows employers to post vacancies as well as view resumes of UWM students and alumni that are registered with the program. Posting on PantherJobs makes your position visible to UWM's 28,000 students and alumni who have free access to this site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no fee for posting jobs for UWM students and alumni.

To post your position online, contact the appropriate person below. You will be provided with a username/password to access PantherJobs, instructions on entering your position, and personal assistance/troubleshooting regarding the system.

  • For full-time and part-time positions - Contact Kristin George, Recruiting Coordinator, at 414-229-5367 or kageorge@uwm.edu

  • For internships, volunteer positions, and UWM Campus student jobs (includes federal workstudy) - Contact Linda Walker, Career Counselor, at 414-229-4487 or walkel@uwm.edu