Collaborative Research

Center investigators have been, and continue to be, very successful in establishing inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional scientific partnerships. This hallmark of the Center's ongoing culture is revealed in its research portfolio. 


In 2008, 55% of 96 projects were interdisciplinary projects involving two or more investigators. Nearly 30% involve inter-institutional collaborations, clearly demonstrating that this team work is readily accomplished in this Center. Moreover, almost all of these inter-institutional activities include new members, which is indicative of the success the Center has in establishing cooperative research across organizational lines.



Research & Facilities

The primary objective of the Center is to attract and strongly support numerous teams of scientists positioned along the basic, translational and clinical/public health science continuum. The important work of these teams has moved the Center to national prominence in research on childhood disease and environmental contributors. These scientists are the member investigators of our Center.

The Center supports research on the environmental roots of neurobehavioral diseases, cardiovascular birth defects, and reproductive dysfunctions in relation to signal transduction/endocrine disruption, oxidative stress and genomic variability. Research and outreach related to fresh water, the Great Lakes and children's health serve as additional integrative and productive work of the Center.

The Center provides both space and technical expertise to member investigators. It is comprised of the Aquatic Animal Models Facility, Imaging and Histology Facility, and Integrative Health Sciences Facility. A variety of off-site locations form the basis of the Center's community research partnerships. The strength of this multi-layered Center is found in the high-level of collaborative science that is accomplished by our members. If you are interested in utilizing any of the facilities, or simply want more information, contact the manager of that unit.