B.S. Nutritional Sciences

Admission Requirements

Admission to the University is achieved by satisfying UWM admission requirements. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences must apply specifically to the Nutritional Sciences program. The application process begins during the semester prior to the final two years of the curriculum, while completing the final nutrition “core” courses and the majority of the general education requirements. The following criteria are required prior to admission to the major:

  1. Overall cumulative UWM GPA of 2.75
  2. Completion of the majority of UWM’s General Education Requirements before the fall semester of the professional years
  3. Demonstration of English and math proficiency (in accordance with established University standards)
  4. Verification that the following Foundation courses, or their equivalent, will be completed by the end of the semester before their professional years, with no grade lower than a “C”:
    • Bio Sci 150 Foundations of Biological Sciences 1
    • Bio Sci 202 Anatomy & Physiology 1
    • Bio Sci 203 Anatomy & Physiology II
    • Chem 102 General Chemistry
    • Chem 104 General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis
    • Psych 101 Introduction to Psychology or Sociol 101 Introduction to Sociology or Anthro 102 Introduction to Anthropology
    • KIN 270 Statistics in the Health Professions
  5. Verification that the following “Core” nutrition courses will be completed by the end of the semester before the professional years with a 2.75 GPA and no grade lower than a “C”:
    • NUTR 101 Introduction to the Nutrition Profession
    • NUTR 110 Introduction to Food Principles & Preparation
    • NUTR 210 Food Science
    • NUTR 235 Introduction to Nutrition for the Health Professions
    • NUTR 240 Nutrition for Exercise and Wellness
    • NUTR 245 Nutrition Throughout the Lifecycle
    • KIN 241 Why We Eat What We Eat: An Ecological Approach
  6. Verification that the overall cumulative GPA of 2.75 is achieved without repeating more than 3 of the courses no more than once each listed under the eligibility requirements 4 and 5.
  7. Completed application for admission to the Nutritional Sciences program submitted to the Department of Kinesiology. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis at the end of each semester.