B.S. Nutritional Sciences

Graduation Requirements

Total credits for graduation with a Nutritional Sciences major = 123. Students are required to complete a minimum of 34 credits in the major, including 19 in the “core” nutrition curriculum and 15 in the “advanced core” curriculum. In addition, students will have the opportunity to focus their learning in specific areas of nutrition, including nutrition communications, wellness and weight management, and sports nutrition by obtaining 18 “correlate” credits in courses supporting the emphasis area.

The following criteria are required for retention in the professional years of study and for graduation:

  1. Maintenance of a 2.5 cumulative UWM GPA.
  2. Completion of the following Advanced Core courses with an average 2.75 GPA and no grade lower than a “C”. Students may repeat only one of the Advanced Core courses one time. If the required GPA is not met after exhausting all repeats, the student will be dismissed from the program.
    • NUTR 435 Nutrition and Disease I
    • NUTR 355 Modifying Nutrition and Eating Behavior
    • NUTR 430 Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism
    • NUTR 470 Nutrition Internship/Project
    • NUTR 350 Nutrition Communication and Education (Oral and Written Competency Part B)
  3. Completion of all required courses, correlates, and elective credits (123 minimum degree credits).
  4. Each semester after final grades are posted, if the minimum UWM cumulative GPA of 2.5 and the minimum Advanced Core GPA of 2.75 are not met, the student will be placed on probation for one semester. After that one semester, if the UWM cumulative GPA of 2.5 and the Advanced Core GPA of 2.75 are not met, the student will be dismissed from the program.
  5. Completion of the Quantitative Literacy Part B requirement with KIN 270.

Additional coursework required for the B.S. Nutritional Sciences major include the following courses:

  • Commun 103 Public Speaking (HU)
  • Anthro 150 Multicultural America or GER Social Science (SS)
  • Chem 341 Organic Chemistry
  • Bio Sci 101 General Survey of Microbiology
  • Chem 501 Introduction to Biochemistry
  • KIN 400 Ethics and Values in the Health and Fitness Professions
  • English 205 Business Writing or English 207 Health Science Writing
  • BMS/KIN 245 Client Diversity in the Health Sciences (SS&)
  • Bus Adm 292 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Formation
  • Elective (Arts-3 credits)
  • Elective (HU-3 credits)
  • Electives (9 credits)
  • Correlate courses (18 credits from a list of correlates including 6 credits at the 300 level or above supporting the student’s chosen emphasis area of nutrition)