Health Informatics & Administration

Center for Biomedical Data and Language Processing (BioDLP)

Jake Luo, Ph.D.

2025 E. Newport Ave.
Northwest Quadrant Building B, Room 6565
Milwaukee, WI 53211

The mission of the Center for Biomedical Data and Language Processing (BioDLP) in the College of Health Sciences is to foster collaborative research towards the automatic processing of biomedical data. Research in the center aims to systematically integrate biomedical language processing, biomedical image processing, ontology/metadata development, and bioinformatics on omic data to facilitate information needs in the biomedical, clinical and biological community. Owing to the inherently collaborative nature of the research, the center strives to facilitate strong collaborations that include computer scientists, informaticians, linguists, and biomedical domain experts, like bio-curators and practicing clinicians.