Health Informatics & Administration:
M.S. Health Care Informatics

Masters Projects

Spring 2009:

Jason Argraves, "Decision Support: Matching Discharge Medications to Insurance Formularies." (Completed project advisors: Supervisor Jeanne Severson Dean Health Systems & Associate Professor John Lynch)

Jenifer Hollestein, "Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Online Clinical Data Request Form Redesign." (Completed project advisors: Supervisor Laurie Ryan Children's Hospital of Wisconsin & Associate Professor John Lynch)

Fall 2008:

Robyn Shearer, "The Implementation of an Integrated Data Management System for Eight Cardiac Data Registries." (Completed project advisors: Supervisors Angela Schlemm, Diane Penzkowski, St. Luke's Medical Center & Associate Professor John Lynch)

Spring 2008:

Teresa Fredrickson, "Building a Smoking Cessation Registry For Children's Community Health Plan." (Completed project advisors: Supervisor: Mark Rakowski, Children's Community Health Plan & Associate Professor, John Lynch)

Madhavi Madireddy, "Evaluation of SNOMED-CT Coverage for Dental Terms." (Completed project advisor: Associate Professor Tim Patrick)

Simeona Todorova, "Audit Trails for PeriData.Net." (Supervisor: Dale Steber; Completed project advisor: Associate Professor Tim Patrick)

Fall 2007

William Gillette, "The First Steps of Implementing a Student Healthcare Informatics Technology Lab." (complete project advisor: Associate Professor Tim Patrick)

Spring 2007

Christine Karpowicz, "Implementing the Personal Health Record: MyAHChart." (completed project advisors: Scott Novogoratz, Advanced Healthcare & Associate Professor John Lynch)

Swati Kulkarni, "User Management Facilities: A Project to Support Project 20/20 and the Early Childhood Intervention Database System (ECIDS)." (completed project advisor: Associate Professor Timothy Patrick)

Doug Scott, "Bringing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) to Campus: Using Free and Open Source Software to Give Students a Hands-on Experience with a Functioning EHR System." (completed project advisor: Associate Professor Timothy Patrick)

Fall 2006

Amy Person and Roger Hathaway, "Wisconsin Pediatric Cardiac Registry: Cluster Detection Analysis and Evaluation of Environmental Risk Factors Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)." (completed project advisors: Kathleen Hanson-Morris, CHW/MCW & Associate Professor John Lynch)

Arunpriya Subash, "HL7 and PeriData.NET." (completed project advisors: Dale Steber, Center for Urban Population Health & Associate Professor John Lynch)

Yelena Tretyakov, "Aligning Service Line Management and Business Decision Support Systems - New Strategic Approach at Community Memorial Hospital." (completed project advisors: Craig Musbach, CMH & Associate Professor John Lynch)

Meghan Staszek, "Building Relationships in the Unified Medical Language System." (completed project advisor: Associate Professor Tim Patrick)