Kinesiology: B.S. Athletic Training

Mission and Vision

Mission of the Department of Kinesiology
To pioneer innovative research in the Human Movement Sciences inspiring student learning through transforming our laboratories, classrooms, & communities into living-learning environments.

Vision of the Athletic Training Education Program
To develop leading clinician-scholars from diverse backgrounds who integrate knowledge from the human movement sciences, varied learning experiences, and research to practice evidence based medicine and advance the profession of athletic training.

Goals and Objectives

The Athletic Training Education Program will prepare students for an entry-level athletic trainer's position through achievement of the following goals and objectives.

Goal #1 — Provide an athletic training education grounded in the human movement sciences that develops evidence based practitioners

  • Evidence based practice framework is integrated throughout the athletic training core didactic and clinical education curriculum
  • The curriculum is delivered in an integrated way based on a problem based learning philosophy.
  • Approved Clinical Instructors have annual educational training about evidence based practice and clinical teaching strategies
  • Students present original research and case studies at professional meetings

Goal #2 — Develop entry level athletic trainers having clinical educational experiences in multiple practice settings and serving diverse populations

  • Diverse settings and/or populations are defined based on specific criteria
  • Students have clinical education experiences to minimally include exposure to the secondary school, collegiate, clinical, and general medical settings.
  • Students have clinical education experiences to minimally include exposure to populations that are diverse in age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and ablement.

Goal #3 — Provide a pathway of access and support for individuals who wish to enter the profession of athletic training

  • Programs exist to inform prospective students and parents about athletic training
  • Scholarship opportunities exist for students enrolled in the ATEP
  • Support systems exist for students enrolled in the ATEP

Goal #4 — Faculty, staff, and students will actively contribute to the leadership of the athletic training profession

  • Faculty and staff will serve as volunteers for local and state community outreach
  • Faculty and staff will have active involvement in professional organizations
  • ACI’s and faculty will work together to disseminate novel clinical or teaching techniques, case studies, and/or original research at professional conferences/symposiums