Kinesiology: M.S. Kinesiology

MSK and PhD Kinesiology Funding

There are a number of opportunities for financial assistance during your graduate work in the Department of Kinesiology MS and PhD programs.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistants support delivery of undergraduate Kinesiology at UWM. Appointments begin in mid/late-August and are for one academic year (9 months), renewable, and dependent on funding. Click here for more details on teaching assistantships at UWM.

Fellowships and other Awards

  • The Distinguished Graduate Sudent Fellowship (DGSF)
  • The Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship (GSDF)
  • The Advanced Opportunity (AOP) Fellowship
  • Chancellor’s Graduate Student Award (CGSA)
    The Chancellor's Graduate Student Award (CGSA) program is designed to attract and retain high quality, talented graduate students.

    Kinesiology CGSA Student Eligibility
    • Graduate students are newly-admitted or continuing students
    • GRE verbal scores over 150 and quantitative scores over 150
    • GPA above 3.0 or “good standing” if continuing graduate student
    • Meets all admission criteria for the program; not eligible if admitted on probation
    • Student commits to completing a master’s thesis
    • Enroll in a minimum of 6 graduate credits/semester

    If re-applying for a CGSA

    Prior to award renewal, student/faculty advisor must submit the following to the RGPC for review:

    • Updated student CV
    • Updated transcript (to determine required credit load and good standing)
    • Updated timeline demonstrating progress on/completion of identified goals, projects, etc.
    • Any tangible outcomes resulting from the award (e.g., IRB protocol approval, abstract acceptance, grant proposal, etc.)

To be considered for any of the above Teaching Assistantships, Fellowships or awards, you must complete the MS KINESIOLOGY GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP APPLICATION and return it to Stephen C. Cobb, Ph.D., ATC, CSCS (Kinesiology, PO Box 413 Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413) by January 15.

Other funding opportunities

Research or Project Assistantships

Research assistantships (RA) or project assistantships (PA) may be available pending individual faculty funding cycles. Only students admitted to the MS Kinesiology or PhD in Health Sciences graduate programs will be considered for a RA or PA appointment.

Please contact the faculty member you are interested in working with to learn more information about available RA or PA positions.

Click here for more details on research assistantships at UWM.

Financial Support offered through the Graduate School or other sources