Kinesiology: B.S. Kinesiology


Washington Park

For the required Capstone Experience, students choose to pursue an internship or complete additional coursework.  Students who choose the internship for the Capstone Experience will apply knowledge and skills gained from foundational and core classes to the profession. 

For those students planning to enroll in the Kinesiology Internship and Seminar, it is important to note that the requirement can only be met by the completion of a 16-week, 40-hour per week work-study experiential program that begins after all undergraduate course work requirements have been completed.  

Eligibility to enroll in KIN 489: Kinesiology Internship & Seminar requires compliance with the following criteria:

  1. Completion of all other course/degree requirements.
  2. Minimum UWM cumulative GPA of 2.500.
  3. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.750 in professional core courses.
  4. Verification of 320 hours of post high school paid or volunteer work experience in the health/fitness field.

Selection of an appropriate internship site is an important process. To ensure adequate preparation for the next step in their careers, students enroll in KIN 488: Professional Preparation Seminar prior to graduation. Within this course, students engage in the process of developing a professional persona; develop a career plan and personal marketing strategy; and search, research, contact, and ultimately select an internship site, graduate program, and/or employment setting which will assist them in the pursuit of career goals. This individualized process enhances a student's success and helps ensure a good match.  Typically, students are advised to enroll in KIN 488 in the semester preceding the internship experience. 

For specific information about the internship, contact the Kinesiology Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Prof. Tracy Oles-Fairchild, at (414) 229-6694 or