Kinesiology: B.S. Kinesiology

Employment Outlook

Expected Growth

The Kinesiology degree provides students a strong educational foundation upon which to build a career. Students who pursue the submajor in Kinesiology have many additional opportunities to pursue higher education. While most of our students do pursue graduate school within 12 months of graduation, a number of students have found the need to obtain immediate employment in the health and fitness prior enrolling in a graduate program. These students are no less successful in locating employment as the overall employment in the health and fitness industry continues to grow. In fact, the overall employment of professionals in this field is expected to grow 21 to 35% through 2012, as an increasing number of people spend more time and money on health enhancement, fitness, and illness/disease/disability prevention, and as more businesses recognize the benefits of fitness and wellness programs. As the industry continues to expand and adapt its programs to attract and serve the needs of a diverse and aging population, the need for specially trained professional in the areas of aerobics, strength training, youth and older adult programming, complementary fitness interventions, nutrition, and ergonomics will continue to grow.

Competition for well-trained professionals with recognized degrees in the field, relevant experience, and certifications beyond minimal requirements are likely to drive salaries and positions as the health and fitness industry continues to carve a niche in contemporary society. Competition between agencies will force innovative programs and services, while continuing to raise the standards required of the professionals providing those services.


Occupation/Title Average Salary in Region
Exercise Physiologist
(B.S. Degree with ACSM Certification)
Exercise Physiologist
(M.S. Degree with ACSM Certification)
Exercise/Fitness Specialist $28,000-$33,000
Cardiovascular Technician $33,110
Chiropractor $62,520
Facility Manager/Operations Manager (Moderate size) $33,029
Fitness Director $32,694
Fitness Instructor $15-$32/hour
Fitness Supervisor $29,930
General Manager (Multi-Faceted Facility) $51,000
Marketing Manager/Director $60,000+
Nutrition Counselor $36,000
Operations Manager of Fitness Club $31,029
Physical Therapist $54,220
Physical Therapy Aide $20,180
Physician Assistant $73,930
Personal Trainer (based upon 30 hours of training/week) $20,000-$30,000+
Program Director $20,000-$40,000
Sales/Marketing $33,000+Commission
Specialists (Older Adult Fitness, Strength/Conditioning) $32,000

Sources: Salary Survey, Club Industry 2000; and HMS Survey of Kinesiology Graduates and Internship Supervisors, 2002-2003.