Stephen C. Cobb, Ph.D., ATC, CSCS

Associate Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator

[Image] Stephen Cobb

Enderis Hall, Room 491
Phone: (414) 229-3369
Fax: (414) 229-3366




  • Ph.D., Sport Science (Biomechanics), Georgia State University, 2005
  • M.S., Sports Medicine, Georgia State University, 1999
  • B.A., Sports Medicine, Messiah College, 1994

Speaker Topics

  • Lower Extremity Injuries and Rehabilitation
  • Exercise Science

Interests & Expertise

Dr. Cobb’s research interests are focused on the etiology, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of lower extremity injury. Specifically, Dr. Cobb is interested in investigation of the pathoetiological factors and abnormal gait mechanics associated with the precipitating traumas (e.g. chronic ankle instability and ankle fracture) that lead to the development and progression of posttraumatic ankle and foot osteoarthritis. Dr. Cobb’s ongoing studies include the investigation of: the effect of footwear on multi-segment foot and lower extremity gait mechanics; and the effect of footwear on multi-segment foot and lower extremity gait mechanics in patients with chronic ankle instability.

Recent Publications

Earl-Boehm, J. E., Bazett-Jones, D., Joshi, M., & Cobb, S. (in press). Differences in hip strength among individuals with low, typical, and high arches. Athletic Training and Sports Health Care.

Bazett-Jones, D. M., Cobb, S. C., O’Connor, K., Huddleston, W., Armstrong, B., & Earl-Boehm, J. E. (2013). Effect of patellofemoral pain on strength and mechanics following an exhaustive run. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 45(7), 1331-1339.

Cobb, S. C., Bazett-Jones, D. M., Joshi, M. N., Earl, J. E., Cashin, S. E., & James, C. R. (in press). The relationship between select lower extremity and core strength variables, foot posture, and postural stability. Journal of Athletic Training.

Cobb, S. C., Joshi, M. N., Bazett-Jones, D. M., & Earl-Boehm, J. E. (2012). The effect of boundary shape and minima selection on single limb stance postural stability. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 28(5), 608-615.

McBeth, J. M., Earl, J. E., Cobb, S. C., & Huddleston, W. E. (2012). Hip muscle activity during three side-lying hip strengthening exercises in distance runners. Journal of Athletic Training, 47(1), 15-23.

Cobb, S. C., Tis, L. L., Wang, Y. T., Johnson, J. T., & Geil, M. (2011). Custom-molded foot-orthosis intervention and multi-segment medial foot kinematics during walking. Journal of Athletic Training, 46(4), 358-365.

Laughlin, W. A., Weinhandl, J. T., Kernozek, T. W., Cobb, S. C., Keenan, K. G., & O’Connor, K. M. (2011). The effects of single-leg landing technique on ACL loading. J Biomech, 44, 1845-51.

Cobb, S. C., James, C. R., Hjertstedt, M., & Kruk, J. (2011). A digital photographic measurement method for quantifying static foot posture: Validity, reliability, and descriptive data. Journal of Athletic Training, 46(1), 20-30.

Bazett-Jones, D. M., Joshi, M. N., Cashin, S. E., Cobb, S. C., & Earl, J. E. (2011). Normalizing hip muscle strength: Establishing body-size independent measurements. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 92(1), 76-82.

Cobb, S. C., Tis, L. L., Johnson, J. T., Wang, Y. T., Geil, M. D., & McCarty, F. (2009). The effect of low-mobile foot posture on multi-segment medial foot model gait kinematics. Gait Posture, 30(3), 334-339