Do you have questions about how to prepare and teach your online course? Want to know the best way to support students in an online setting? Interested in what all the fuss is about with Blogging, Podcasting, and Wikis? The College of Health Sciences has a collection of 46 E-Learning books that you can reference for more in-depth information about all of these questions and more. Click on the category below to see the books that we have available.

Preparing & Teaching Your Online Class

Title: Essential Elements: Prepare, Design, and Teach Your Online Course
Author(s): Bonnie Elbaum, Cynthia McIntyre, Alese Smith
Publication: 2002
Description: 110 pages
Subject(s): Nine Characteristics of The Concord Consortium e-Learning Model; Pre-Questionnaire: Goals, Training & Requirements, Technical Requirements & Administrative Support; Preparing to Teach Online; Designing Your Online Course; Teaching Your Online Course; Essential Checklist
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Title: Conquering the Content: A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Course Design
Author(s): Robin M. Smith
Publication: 2008
Description: 138 pages
Subject(s): Design with Learning in Mind; Design with the Future in Mind; Design with Assessment in Mind; Design with Organization in Mind; Design with Content in Mind; Design with Process in Mind; Design with Navigation in Mind; Forms; Action Steps; American Association for Higher Education’s Nine Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning
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Title: 147 Practical Tips for Teaching Online Groups: Essentials of Web-Based Education
Author(s): Donald E. Hanna, Michelle Glowacki-Dudka, Simone Conceição-Runlee
Publication: 2000
Description: 65 pages
Subject(s): Before You Begin; Myths and Constraints of Online Teaching and Learning; Organizing the Online Course; Implementing the Course Design; Online Classroom Software; Online Resources
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Title: Teaching Online (2nd Ed)
Author(s): William A. Draves
Publication: 2002
Description: 259 pages
Subject(s): Learning in the 21st Century; Planning Your Online Course: Technology, Knowledge Organization, Copyright and Intellectual Property; Ten-Step Model to Developing Your Online Course; How Online Learning is Different; The Future of Online Learning
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Title: Discussion-Based Online Teaching to Enhance Student Learning: Theory, Practice, and Assessment
Author(s): Tisha Bender
Publication: 2003
Description: 194 pages
Subject(s): The Distance Factor; The Optimal Role of the Online Teacher; Rethinking Learning Theory Within the Online Class; Course Design; Starting to Teach: Anxiety, Engagement, Tone; Aspects of Online Communication; Innovative Online Teaching Techniques; Building a Model of Assessment of Online Education
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Title: E-Learning Solutions on a Shoestring: Help for the Chronically Underfunded Trainer
Author(s): Jane Bozarth
Publication: 2005
Description: 208 pages
Subject(s): E-learning basics; Getting Started with Doing it Yourself; Building Simple Pages and Programs; Enhancing Basic Programs; Creating Inexpensive Quizzes, Games, Searches, Puzzles, and Simulations; Creating Low-Cost Collaboration; Creating Performance Support Tools; Leveraging Resources; Buying Your Solutions;  Hosting Your Programs and Tracking Learner Data
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Title: Building Online Learning Communities: Effective Strategies for the Virtual Classroom
Author(s): Rena M. Palloff, Keith Pratt
Publication: 2007
Description: 276 pages
Subject(s): When Teaching and Learning Leave the Classroom; Recontextualizing Community; Human Side of Online Learning; Practical Considerations in Online Learning; Managing the Relationship to Technology; Moving Teaching and Learning Online; Building Foundations; Promoting Collaborative Learning; Transformative Learning; Student Assessment and Course Evaluation; Lessons Learned and a Look Ahead; Examples of Course Syllabi; Internet Resources for Distance Education
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Title: Facilitating Online Learning: Effective Strategies for Moderators
Author(s): George Collison, Bonnie Elbaum, Sarah Haavind, Robert Tinker
Publication: 2000
Description: 213 pages
Subject(s): Principles That Support Effective Moderating; Forms of Dialogue and Goals of Moderating; The facilitator as Instructor or Project Leader, as Leader of Group Process; Healthy Online Communities; Voice and Tone; Sharpening the Focus; Deepening the Dialogue; Roadblocks and Getting Back on Track
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Title: Raw Materials for the Mind: A Teacher’s Guide to Digital Literacy (4th edition)
Author(s): David F. Warlick
Publication: 2005
Description: 292 pages
Subject(s): Barriers to Creating New Learning; Collaborative Relationships: Local, Long Distance, Experts; Finding Experts, Communities, Other Classes; Tools for Collaborating over the Internet; Conducting Deep & Revealing Research on the Internet; Processing Information Found on the Internet; Retrieving Information from Webpages; Blogging; Web Publishing; Podcasting
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Title: How Am I Teaching?: Forms and Activities for Acquiring Instructional Input
Author(s): Maryellen Weimer, Joan L. Parrett, Mary-Margaret Kerns
Publication: 2002
Description: 111 pages
Subject(s): Classroom Environment Inventory; Course Materials Review: Peer & Student version; Instructor Self-Evaluation; Made-to-Order Form for Instructional Observation: Peer & Student version; Open-Ended Questionnaire; Self- or Colleague- Analysis of Videotaped Teaching Sample; Specifically, What Needs Improvement: Instructor & Student version; Teacher Behaviors Inventory
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Title: Lessons from the Cyberspace Classroom: The Realities of Online Teaching
Author(s): Rena M. Palloff, Keith Pratt
Publication: 2001
Description: 196 pages
Subject(s): Online Learning in the New Millennium; The Art of Online Teaching; Administrative Issues and Concerns; The Tools of Online Teaching; Transforming Courses for the Online Classroom; Teaching Courses Developed by Others; Working with the Virtual Student; Online Classroom Dynamics; Lessons Learned in the Cyberspace Classroom; Comparison of Syllabi for Online and Face-to-Face Delivery
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Title: Assessing the Online Learner: Resources and Strategies for Faculty
Author(s): Rena M. Palloff, Keith Pratt
Publication: 2009
Description: 141 pages
Subject(s): Developing Standards of Assessment; Getting Down to Basics; Learner-Focused Teaching; Principles of Effective Online Assessment; Assessment and the Online Learner; Using the Online Environment for Assessment Advantage; Plagiarism and Cheating; Course and Program Evaluation; The Assessment and Evaluation Toolkit
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Title: Exploring the Digital Library: A Guide for Online Teaching and Learning
Author(s): Kay Johnson, Elaine Magusin
Publication: 2005
Description: 133 pages
Subject(s): Digital Libraries: A Cultural Understanding; New Dynamics for Scholarly Communication; Digital Libraries in Teaching and Course Development; Information Literacy; Using the Digital Library in Higher Education; Faculty-Librarian Collaboration in Online Teaching and Education; Collaborating on Information Literacy; Collaborating on the Digital Reading Room and Reusing Learning Resources; Beyond Digital Library Culture Barriers
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