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Information Technology Policy Committee

Information Technology Policy Committee functions:

  • Create, annually review and report back to the College an IT plan including timelines and funding strategies in coordination with BATO to anticipate and address the future IT needs of the College.
  • Establish and review IT policies and procedures, based on input from faculty, staff, and students that support research, education, and service functions of the College to ensure the implementation of a coordinated IT plan.
  • Review and assess IT issues and changes in the field that impact the College and provide recommendations as appropriate to the College.
  • Facilitate identification, sharing and integration of IT resources and expertise within the College.
  • Advise programs and departments on issues related to IT in coordination with BATO IT support.
  • Provide input and recommendations for the selection of computer hardware and software for the College, including but not limited to servers, workstations and related IT.
  • Recommend College faculty and staff participation on IT related committees in coordination with BATO.
  • Review all CHS planning documents for IT issues and make recommendations to the Steering Committee.
  • Review relevant University and UW System IT initiatives to determine College interests and costs and to provide recommendations as appropriate.
  • Review annually College IT hardware/software inventory in conjunction with BATO.
  • Review and assess IT support services and make recommendations to the College
  • Design and conduct a regular assessment in conjunction with BATO that addresses current and projected IT needs of the faculty, staff and students with respect to administrative, research, educational, and service functions of the College.

Information Technology Policy Committee Annual Report

Information Technology Policy Committee Strategic Plan