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Academic Planning Committee

CHS Faculty Document #103
Sec 1.05

(6) Academic Planning Committee

(a) Make recommendations to the Dean regarding the development of strategic initiatives for the College that support high quality academic programs, research and community initiatives.
(b) Review academic program plans as well as related budget and resource proposals prepared by the departments.
(c) Afford departments ample opportunity to present information and position statements during programmatic and budgetary discussions.
(d) Advise the Dean regarding criteria and priorities for budget and resource adjustments.
(e) Advise a department and the Dean in the event the department and Dean disagree over specific programmatic and/or budgetary decisions, including but not limited to faculty and academic staff positions.
(f) Advise a department and the Dean in the event they disagree over decisions that may compromise academic programs including, but not limited to, space allocations and academic support services.
(g) Perform the final CHS standing committee review of all undergraduate and graduate programmatic changes (e.g., program, major, submajor, curricular area, certificate). The review must include consideration of any budgetary and resource needs resulting from programmatic changes. The committee will forward recommendations to the full CHS Faculty and Dean.

Academic Planning Committee Annual Report