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Research and Graduate Program Committee

CHS Faculty Document #103
Sec 1.05

(3) Research and Graduate Program Committee

(a) Advise the Dean and the CHS Office of Graduate Studies and Research regarding actions that may further strengthen CHS research and graduate programs.

(b) Promote the publication of original research and the submission of proposals for intramural and extramural funding. This may be accomplished by:

(i) Coordinating the Stimulus for Enhancing Extramural Development (SEED) program;
(ii) Organizing the CHS Annual Research Symposium, including the organization and facilitation of the CHS Student Research Competition;
(iii) Coordinating and participating in the review of proposals for the CHS Student Research Grant award;
(iv) Contributing to the design and delivery of College-wide programs or workshops that facilitate publication of research and/or submission of competitive research proposals.

(c) If solicited, recommend CHS faculty for various campus-wide committees that govern research activities (e.g., Central IRB, Animal Use Committee, Biohazards Committee, etc.)
(d) Review all CHS policy documents for research-related issues and make recommendations to the Dean and/or Steering Committee.
(e) Review and take action on all new graduate (G) courses and changes to existing graduate (G) courses.
(f) Review and take action on all proposals for new programs, majors, sub-majors, minors, and certificate programs pertaining to graduate students.
(g) Review and take action on all requests for new undergraduate/graduate (U/G) courses, and changes to existing undergraduate/graduate (U/G) courses following approval by the Course and Curriculum Committee.

Research and Graduate Program Committee Annual Report