Office of Student Affairs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Enrollment FAQs

Q: How do I navigate PAWS?
A: The University provides "how to" guides here.

Q: When can I enroll in classes for next semester?  How is my enrollment appointment determined?
A: Students access their enrollment appointment (the date and time after which they are able to enroll) via their student center in PAWS.  Generally, enrollment appointments are visible in PAWS approximately one week prior to the start of registration and throughout the Priority Enrollment period for a term.  Information regarding enrollment appointment order is found here.

Q: How do I remove the hold on my account?
A: When you access your student center on PAWS, find the "Holds" box on the right side of the screen.  Click "details."  Each hold that is applied to your account will appear.  Click the title of the hold to access instructions on how to have it released.  Your CHS advisor cannot release holds issued by other campus offices (such as the bursar, library, AOC, etc.).

Q: How do I know if a course satisfies a general education requirement (GER)?
A: There are two quick and easy ways. First, when you view the UWM Schedule of Classes for a particular semester, navigate down the left side of the page to find all GER courses offered in that semester.  Second, when you search for a class in PAWS, review the class detail.  In the "Enrollment Information" box, the requirement designation will tell you if it fulfills a GER and the specific distribution subject.

Q: I am trying to register for a required course, but PAWS keeps giving me an error message. What can I do?
A: Sometimes the error message you receive in PAWS is very clear (i.e. section closed). In many cases, the class has filled to capacity and no seats are available. Before contacting your advisor, verify you have satisfied the prerequisites listed for the course in which you are attempting to enroll.  If you feel you are receiving a message in error and/or have been specifically advised to take the course by your advisor, copy and paste the error message into an email, and send it to your advisor so she/he may determine an appropriate solution.  Be sure to include your name and campus ID number in your email.

Q: I'm still on a wait list for a class. What now?
A: Wait lists are processed each night up until the last business day before the first day of classes.  Often times there is much movement on wait lists during those final days before the start of a new semester.  Students are advised to be patient and allow the process to run its course.  If you are not added to the course via the wait list by the first day of class, attend the first meeting of the class as if you were enrolled.  Bring a registration change form with you and ask the instructor if they will sign the form so you may be added to the course.  If the instructor agrees, complete the remainder of the form and submit it to the Registrar in 274 Mellencamp Hall.  If the instructor does not agree, you will not be added to the course.  Contact your advisor if you need additional assistance.

Q: When is the add/drop deadline?
A: The University publishes add/drop deadlines here.