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Global Development

General Background

    • The Millenium Development Goals
      The United Nations site dedicated to the eight Millennium Development Goals, a focal point for international development efforts
    • Global Envision
      A series of elementary and secondary lessons on a variety of topics, including globalization, world poverty, and environmental challenges
    • Lend a Helping Hand
      A special edition of the television show Worldfocus, with stories of individuals working to improve their communities in various parts of the world
    • Social Entrepreneurship
      Reports on individuals creating innovative solutions to global challenges from the PBS Newshour
    • Oxfam and the MDGs
      Lesson plans exploring the Millennium Development Goals
    • UNICEF Teaching Resources
      High School level teaching resources on the Millennium Development Goals from the United Nations Children's Fund
    • Ethics of Aid: One Kenyan's Perspective
      A critical look at international aid from a Kenyan writer on American Public Media's radio program Speaking of Faith
    • Foreign Aid Lesson Plans
      Lessons and activities from the Seattle World Affairs Council, exploring issues around foreign aid with a focus on Nigeria
    • Third World Network
      The Third World Network is an international network of individuals and organizations that are interested in international development issues. This site offers links to a large variety of resources concerning the global economy, the environment, biodiversity, biotechnology, gender issues, health and security.
    • UN Cyber Schoolbus
      The United Nations CyberSchool Bus web site is an excellent source for global studies resources. It features information about various aspects of international development. A good place to go for units, lessons, and curricula.
    • International Development Research Center
      The International Development Research Centre is a public corporation created by the Canadian government to help communities in the developing world find solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems through research.
    • World Bank Educational Resources
      This site, developed by the World Bank Group, features an extensive collection of educational resources for teachers and students related to international development. Explore countries and regions, establish linkages with schools in the developing world, search databases, or take an online quiz. This web site is a great resource.